Chadron State College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are used to and like city life this is not for you.


A person who wants a big school. Other then that its pretty good for everyone.


Someone who isn't willing to work hard in the classroom. If you don't do your homework and go to class you will not pass your classes. Also anyone who wants to be around a lot city of people shouldn't come here as a majority of the students are from small mid-west towns. People who think that they can just slack off all semester and then cram for finals shouldn't come here as many of our teachers consider attendance in their final grades, not just test results.


A person that loves the city life.


Any one who is liberal in their speech and are looking for a creative/abstract education. Any one who is not an exchange student but is considered a minority. Finally, anyone who does not understand rural/ farm/ and/or ranch culture.