Chadron State College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Remember who were when you walked across the stage at your high school graduation- wide eyed and ready to take on the world! Never lose that feeling. On cold winter nights in the basement of the library, remember that freeing feeling and how sweet success tasted. Go grab yourself another cup of coffee and keep pushing yourself to new heights. No one has ever truly suceeded without a litte sweat an tears. Do not hesitate to meet new people and experience new cultures. You never know who you might meet and what you might learn. Take a thousand pictures and then take another thousand more because these four years will be the best and the worst years of your life. You will talk about them for the rest of your life and you won't want to forget any tiny detail.


I would tell myself not to rush life. So much of my life has been spent trying to get to the next level and not enjoying the one I am on.


The advice I would give myself is to STUDY!! Even when you know it all there's always something you forgot. Get a job. There will be things you want and need. You won't always want to get food from the cafeteria. having that extra money allows you to spend as you please. Don't take all the hard classes at once. slow down, take your time and enjoy everything about college life and what it has to offer. Get involved. If you go to a community college, you have to go to the activites, they don't and won't come to you. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Staying in your dorm room isn't as cool as you think it is. It's actually really lame!! Go to the games, the dances, the shows. Get out of bed and GO TO CLASS! You paid over 5k to go to school so get your moneys worth. Don't be afraid to ask questions, it's why the teachers are there if they didn't like it they should seek work elsewhere. Most of all, on top of it all, HAVE FUN!!


Each person's message to themselves will be distinct based on the missteps and trials that someone has come across in their time, but everyone has wisdom to pass onto a former version of themselves. The trouble and perhaps the beauty in life is that we have one opportunity to pass or fail in every moment. Doc Brown is nowhere to be seen in his DeLorean. Opportunities like this scholarship are the only chance we have to reflect on where was have come and where we can go. With that comes my advice, I would mentor myself on taking every opportunity seriously, making the best decision with the information I have available, planting my foot in the ground, and implementing that decision. As a history teacher in high school, I understand what-if questions from curious students. Life; however, happens fast and never allows you to retrace your steps once they are trod. So, love life, take nothing for granted, and always strive to be the best version of yourself; however, once a decision is made and action taken, do not wish for a re-take because unlike 10th grade biology class. Life does not give retakes.


Take all the hard classes in high school.


In attending college, I have learned that your friends in high school are important but that doesnt mean they will be the ones always there for you, college friends are some of the best you will ever make and they are going to be there for a life time. Acedemically I am learning that no matter how much work you put into a class sometimes, its just going to be difficult. I love the college I chose, I think its important to find a school with a program that fits your needs, both academically and socially. I come from a small town so this was an easy adjustment to make, it is still bigger but not overwhelmingly so. College has proven valuable because in order to have the carreer I want, I need to get the proper schooling, I cant see myself doing anything else with my life.


This has opened so many doors for me. One of which, that I was not expecting was how much I have learned from other students. We have so many international students. Due to that, I have learned so much about the Middle-East, which is a pretty good thing considering the state of that region, and since we play a huge role in that area no matter how you look at it. Also I have learned so much about other states. I did not expect to meet people from, or learn about states such as Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, Califonia, or Texas.


I would tell myself to tour more colleges before I made my decision. That I didn't have to decide on the one that my parents decided for me becuase they weren't helping me pay. I would have said that I needed to make sure that that school is where I was going to be the most happy at. Mostly just to make sure I wanted to go to the school that I chose.


I would tell myself to calm down. College is going to be great and way better than high school. I would also mention to myself that it will be a new experience full of scary and exciting choices, but to embrace them and look forward to all of it. Mostly, I would tell myself to love life and just keep working hard. Lastly, I would remind myself that I will always have myself, a loving family, and great friends to help me anytime I need throughout the next phase of my educational life.


The one most important thing that I would tell myself is to take it easy and not beat myself up. I got married and had a baby right out of high school and I jumped right into college and worked and took classes full time. Right now I'm exhausted and trying to take it easy but am unsuccessful in doing so. I am a perfectionists and want to give my all in everything I do and I can't ever just do part want. I either go big or not at all. College is supposed to be where you find yourself and you have fun. I found everything that I wanted: my jr. high, high school sweetheart as my husband, a beautiful son, and being the head teacher in an afterschool program. Now I need to learn how to have fun, enjoy life, and take time for myself. I'm enjoying my college experience with the support of my family and friends.


Like many high school students, you probably have no idea what you intend to do for the rest of you working life, much less the college where you will prepare for this career. This was my predicament as a recent high school graduate. I knew I wanted to go to college, but not where. I figured I could take my general courses just about anywhere, and transfer if need be. Either way, I wanted my first college experience to be meaningful. This is why I chose an out-of-state college. I am confident that studying out-of-state was the best decision for me. I quickly established an independence I would not have achieved living near close family and friends. I have met so many new people and leaned about a different region and way of life in the United States. I even gained the confidence to study abroad in Italy for a year. I strongly recommend students to study out-of-state. Be adventurous! And, if you find that ?there?s no place like home,? then you can at least say you tried and learned a little more about yourself in the process.


Have a definite idea of what you would like to explore. College is about learning, but also about exploring and discovering the type of person you want to be. Choose a college that has your desired course, and also, look at the type of people who attend. You want to be able to have a social life as well as excell academically. Make sure you take a least one hour a day to have totally to yourself. Homework can get stressful, and trying to fit too much into one day can really take it's toll. Keep in mind there are only 24 hours in a can only do so much. Overall, college is about gaining the skills you need to shape the rest of your life. Be who you want to be and don't be afraid to stand up to others to do this.


Find a college that works for you. Your schedule and your lifestyle. Go in with a positive attitude and dont hesitate to reach out for help. All of the professors i have met want to see you succeed. Put personal emotions and differences aside and you will grow quickly and learn what others have to offer.


Make sure prospective schools are reputal in your field of study. Make sure student population and class population is what you are looking for. Be sure to check your schools safety, good idea is to check the Clery act. Most of all prepare for the transition from high school to college and prepare to work hard.


Finding the right college isn't about finding the place that has the best reputation. That has a small part in the college selection process. The most important thing to remember when looking at colleges is to find the place that you feel comfortable. No matter where you decide to go to college you're going to get about the same college education as you would anywhere else. Finding the place you feel comfortable will help you make the transition from high school to college much easier and you'll enjoy college more if you are comfortable. Also you'll get more out of your education if you're comfortable because you'll absorb more of what your professors are trying to teach you instead of being distracted by feeling out of place or hating where you are. The other most important thing to remember for parents is let your son or daughter choose their college. Help them get all the facts, but in the end you need to let them choose where to go to school. If your student chooses their own school they are more likely to put in the effort needed to succeed at their given instituition.


When trying to find the right college you must find a college that really represents your values. Never follow a girlfriend or boyfriend to a certain college, go because you like the school. Another thing is to keep in mind is college will bring many experiences and you must be ready for them. Good Luck, its not an easy task.


Just find the right place for you and work hard to acheive your goals. Parents you need to let your little ones go and find out for themselves who and what they want to be.


Do not chose this school. They are going bankrupt.


I think that one thing I would recommend to parents and students is to look at more than just one college. Look at colleges of all different sizes. This will give you the opportunity to decide whether you prefer larger or smaller class sizes. Another thing that is important to look at is what activities does the college sponsor. Are there going to be things for me to do when I'm not studying. Also, look for schools that are have the best options for your major and that stick in your price range. The most important thing that I have learned is to get involved, this is the best way to meet to new people. Join clubs that fit your major, this is a great way to get your foot in the door, most of the time the professors that sponsor the club are the ones you will take classes from. They are the ones that are going to give you the recommends. The best way to make a good impression on them is to introduce yourself, show up to class, and ask for help because that is what they are their for.


Find a college that you feel most comfortable at and one that you feel like you are happy. One that fits the distance from home is what you want. One that is in the range of what you are will to pay for your education. A college where you don't want to go home every weekend would be a good college because that means that you are having fun there and you don't miss your family as bad if you weren't having fun.


Make sure you checkout credits that will transfer,( get in writing), this could really cost you if you don't. Make sure you really like the class sizes(students). Less stress c/c college size, and most important, good Financial Aid and Scholarships availability . Freshmen should stay in touch with family, esp. the first 6 months,( home sickness hits hard). Enjoy your classes and the college experience.


First, I would suggest to the student that they need to choose a college that is the best for them and not their parents. Being open-minded also helps in the selection process. Second, fill out all the paperwork and, or scholarships ahead of time because if you wait to send it in just barely ahead of time it makes a difference on the amount of help you will receive. Third, although as a student you may have a lot more freedom compared to living with your parents, there is a limit. Spending the night just hanging out with friends or doing something different is a great way to relieve stress but too much can hurt you acidemically. Always keep in mind that you are here to get an education, hand your assignments in on time, and enjoy making new friends.


Find a college that best suits the personality as well as the educational needs of your son/daughter. The price of the college whether high or low should not be the determining factor. Visit the college in question and ask important questions. Listen to how thorough their responses are. Are they honestly answering your questions or just telling you what you want to hear, to promote their school. Once in college the secret to most successful students is to be involved in campus activities/extracurricular activities. Don't do so many activities that your studies will suffer. Try to find the balance that works for you.