Chaminade University of Honolulu Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Chaminade University is a very diverse school that always encourages every student to come out of their comfort zone and to enrich their lives by experiencing new unique oppurtunities.


My school has a small campus in comaprison to other colleges and universities but it is as challenging and competative as any other school out there.


Chaminde University is a private Catholic institute that becomes a part of your ohana because of the willingness and dedication of everyone present to see each other succeed and strive for their dreams through academic excellence, professional preparation, supportive atmosphere, vibrant campus life, and cultural diversity and acceptance.




My school is a small, private catholic school out of state with many community service opportunities available.


This university is very friendly, diverse, and academically challenging while still being able to keep a social life.


Chaminade University is driven to fulfill your educational and spiritual goals.


Chaminade is the most accepting and fun school that I've ever known that goes out of the way to make the students feel comfortable and at home.


A university instilling Christian values, morale, moderately competitive academics, culturally diverse, small class setting, on & off campus instruction to meet the needs of every student.


Chaminade University is full of Aloha Spirit.


A great place to make friends, have fun, and get a great education in the middle of the Pacific.

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