Chaminade University of Honolulu Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The people that I’ve met in my program have become so much more than classmate to me and the only word I can begin to think of to describe each of them is family.


Most of them were driven, goal oriented and wanted to be in class. Many of them were focused on attaining their Bachelor’s degree and moving on with their futures.


My classmates are black, white, hawaiian, asian, military, civilian, male, female and are diverse in every way.


Young, hawaiian, asian, sometimes off task, disrupting my learning.


Mostly, my classmates are returning students or transfers, nobody has the same background making all of our discussions and insights that much more varied and valuable.


My classmates are very diverse in many ways, from their varying nationalities and ethnicities to their personality traits and life goals.


My classmates are a good variation of ethnicities. They're mostly 19-21 year olds and mostly females.


Some of my classmates were lazy and it showed when it came time for graded work (homework, quizzes, and tests). The teachers did not cut them any slack and they suffered for it. Many students did not come to class prepared. Some were frequently late or did not come at all.

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