Chaminade University of Honolulu Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Lessons are not taught in lecture halls and the amount of students in class are decent. We have class in actual classrooms which helps students get more involved with the discussion. The instructors and faculty encourage effective interactions between them and students. There are a lot of available resources for many things such as counseling. The people are very friendly and nice.


Definitely the location!! I am just 5 minutes from Waikiki Beach and there is soooo much to do here!! I have gone to so many functions all over the island and learning more about the Hawaiian culture. The only people that truly know Hawaii's history are its natives. Visiting places like Queen Emma's Summer Palace and the Iolani Palace have been amazing experiences for me. I feel so at home here learning how to hula and eating the traditional Hawaiian foods. They really know how to make you feel like a part of the ohana (family).


Chaminade University is like a giant extended family. Hawaiian culture in general is very family oriented; everyone is your cousin, auntie, or uncle (even some of the professors), and the small campus allows you to get familiar with the majority of the students and staff in a very short period of time. The transition wasn't killer and everyone has a place here no matter who they are or where they're from. The Education and Forensic Science programs are especially excellent and most professors are more than willing help you out if you go see them.


I brag most on the fact that there are few micronesians attending Chaminade. This means that Chaminade from my hometown's perspective is considered a good school with high educational level. There are few students who can enroll to attend Chaminade. Also, most of the graduate students, alumnists from Chaminade University live successful lives in the future... Chaminade University puts common sense, spiritual virtues, encouragement, responsibility in every student...


I mostly brag about the location. Yet there is much more I love about my school. I tell many of my friends about the class sizes. Classes here are very small compared to other universities and I can therefore get a one on one interaction with my professors. Everyone at my school is very nice and unlike other universities they seem to care about student's success our well being rather thaan just the paychecks. People here are very genuine and caring making it easy to attend school and live here in general.


The area surrounding the school. We have the best of both worlds, the city and the beach!


Very intimate class settings so the teacher is more available to talk to if need be. Students are all very close to each other because it is a small campus.


the fact that teachers are there for you and you can probably call them at any hour with questions. teachers at chaminade really want to help you!


Small class sizes = personal help in every subject!

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