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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


When I was in high school, I thought planning for college and my future would be so easy. I thought it was just knowing what college I wanted to go to, what I wanted to major in, and what career I saw myself in. I was completely wrong. I didn't think of the finance, the courses i would have to take, how many credits I want to start with, the tuition, where I would stay and so much more. I should have done deep research about college. Preparing for college academically, for example high school GPA, wasn't so hard but it didn't mean i was prepared completely. The most important thing i had to do was to prepare ahead of time which is something i still need to do. An advice I would give myself is do deep research and prepare. If I was still a high school senior, I would ask college students about college life concerning academics, resident, social, mentally, and emotionally. I would searchdifferent scholarships that will help with my tuition, learn more about financial aid, and much more. I just have to be prepared.


Amy, Since you will be starting at Chaminade's nursing program next fall I have some advice for you. First, if you take the bus in the morning, remember a blanket. It gets cold and you will thank me for the sleep you can catch up on. Second, remember your academic planner and find an accountability partner. Calendars are nice physical reminders of due dates and accountability will help keep your goals out in the open. Finally, save up your money accordingly and look for as many scholarship opportunities you can. I know finishing this last high school semester was hard and your brother finally out of the psychiatric hospital took a toll on your drive. But, you are strong, dedicated, and have proven you are ready for college. Do not take my word on it, listen to your mom because she is normally right (okay more than normally). College is still like high school in that they both are for hopes of a better education. In a couple weeks or so, maybe even less, you will feel at ease. Sincerely with much blessings, Wisdom from an undergraduate.


Knowing what I know now about college I would tell my high school self to not worry about what the future holds and to explore. Explore whatever interests you, take courses that spark your curiosity, and learn more about yourself. I entered college with a set plan of studying business and getting my degree in business. My first year of college I took business courses without even really thinking out what I wanted to do with that degree and I only chose that path for the sole reason because I wanted to graduate with something within four years and get a job as soon as I could. I slowly realized after taking a bunch of business courses that I was unhappy and I wanted to seek something else. So my second year I did just that, I explored with art courses that led me to interior design. I believe that taking that time to enroll in different courses and learning about what I liked and didn’t like helped me to learn more about myself and what majors interested me.


Going to a large college without visiting it can be difficult. Make the effort to visit so you can see what all is involved with the amounts of people, etc. Make some visits to smaller colleges, too. But what matters most can be the friends you make. You may feel overwhelmed by the number of people at school, but you are not the only one who feels that way, and what is going to make all the difference once you get used to it, are your friends. These are life long relationships, and they want to support you, so don't be afraid to open up. As far as feeling alone with difficulty in engineering, again, you are not the only one. Talk to your friends about it. Try talking to a career counselor about what you like to DO, what classes do you take because you enjoy, not what you're good at in school or what you think you should do because you feel like you have to find the hardest thing.


Being a college student has been both tremendous and challenging. Tremendous in having the oportunity to expand my academic horizons and work hard to achieve my dreams. It has been challenging in always trying to make sure I had enough funding available and falling back when my family encountered challenging times. I was a successful student in high school; so successful that I felt invincible to every challenge that came my way. Little did I know that one day, I'd face the rare challenge of seeing my family fall apart and at the time, try to keep myself together. If I could go back to being my high school self, I'd say, "Don't forget why you're leaving your family. Everything you do from here on out is for them. Despite the hardships that will come your way, don't ever let it take your eyes off the goal of completing college. Don't forget that your every accomplishment is a step closer to a beautiful home, being able to help mom pay for the electricity on time, and health insurance for dad." With scholarship opportunities, determination, and faith, I'm back and ready to succeed.


If I were to go back to myself as a high school senior, the best advice that I could give myself is to be determined. I believe determination would help a student strive for the best in producing quality work. In addition, being determined benefit students in times of stress or when school-work can be quite overwhelming, it serves a motivation for a student to work harder.


Hello 18 year old Jenny, I’m Jenny from the future. I would like to let you know that your life is about to change and be ready for the ride of your life. I know you might be tempted to go to the beach every day since you are leaving boring old Massachusetts and heading to beautiful Hawaii, but STAY FOCUSED. Most importantly balance your time and get a job. The money situation will be tight but hold on because if you work hard and higher your GPA, you can get the school scholarship (which you’ll end up getting by the way). It might seem hard at first to be balanced but it is possible and worth it. Another good bit of advice is sign up for as much scholarships as you possibly can because you don’t want to be struggling. Please take my advice because if I knew this now I would be in a much better position financially. Be responsible and have the time of your life! ***BINGS BACK TO THE FUTURE**** ( where I hopfully win this scholarship ) :D


I started my college career right after high school and by the end of my first semester I discovered I was not ready for college and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I have called the Marine Corps my home for the past twelve years and I have no regrets for leaving school early to join. However, if I had the opportunity to go back and talk to myself, I would certainly express the importance of setting goals to focus on during college and showing the discipline to finish the course work to obtain a degree. Express to myself how fulfilling and satisfying if was to obtain my Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees. More importantly I would have at least forced myself to complete an Associate’s degree before entering the military. Thus making the attainment of a Bachelor's degree that much easiler and I would have been able to do it in a shorter time period.


You can never do too many scholarships!!! Those nights that I wanted to just hang with my friends or be lazy at home doing nothing, that time should have been for applying for more scholarships. Unless you are born with a silver spoon, college is pretty expensive for most people. You are going to need as much financial help as possible during the minimal four years of college. Especially for the students that plan on going to school out of state. Tuition is extremely high for non residents, and that doesnt even include if you are going to city with a higher cost of living or not. Nevertheless, do not limit yourself to attending schools that are close to home or with "friends." 99.9% of the time you will lose touch with those high school "friends" anyway. But choosing to go far from home for school not only intoduces you to a new world of opportunities, cultures, and life; but it ultimately expands your horizons for a more exciting,worthwhile future.


Talitha, please attend college directly after High School! The reason that I urge you to do this is because with higher education comes freedom. The freedom to go any where and still have the ability to get not just a job, but a great job! It allows for financial freedom! It allows for freedom in everyway! Attending right out of High School allows for an easier transition as you will go from attending school to attending college. It also saves time! It saves the many wasted years of trying to succeed but never really getting any where. The transition is easiest if done immediately.


The advice I would give to myself is to study more for the SAT's and to next time complete all my assignments. If I had been able to do that, I could've had more options on what colleges I can attend.


College life is hard, it is a competetion for success and to do well you must be prepared, focus, and always on the hunt to pursue a better career path. It will not be the same as highschool days, relaxing and having fun must be left at the door of college life succes if you want to make it through college. Success in college is all dependent on your capabilities and what you want to achieve when you leave college.


Hey! So, in a couple of years, you'll come to the decision to drop out of school and date a horrible girl. After that, you'll move to Seattle and live with your brother. During this time, you'll work in a warehouse with lesbian women who want to make you in charge of a beading store. You'll say no. You get bored with this and drive for thousands of miles to reach the Grand Canyon. Upon reaching it, you find that there are some officials who charge you money to get in. You opt to go to the lesser canyon, and are still impressed because you haven't seen the real one. You move to a new city and begin to date the horrible girl again, but during this horrible dating time, you are also going back to college. Eventually you finish, recieve an AA, meet some good people, and somehow manage to get an outstanding student of the year award for your service to the student body. You now live in Hawaii, swim in the blue ocean when you aren't studying, and have an outstanding tan. So here's some advice: keep it up!


After graduating from high school in 2009, I decided to attend a two year community college. I started out majoring with a Liberal Arts Science degree with plans to attend a 4 year college to earn a degree in Meteorology. Since attending Erie Community College I have changed my major to an Environmental Technology Geoscience 2 year degree with a certificate in Geographic Information Systems(GIS). I hoping that this 2 year degree will lead to a full-time job and then I can continue to earn a 4 yr degree. I wasn't sure that I would like to go to a community college but I like the college and living at home. I think that if I lived at college I wouldn't have the privacy and quiet time that I need to study and focus on my courses. My experience of college so far is that I made the right choice and at the moment I am happy with my major. It has been very valuable to attend a 2 year community college because I know when I graduate I will have a better chance of finding a job in a field that I will like.


Most high school seniors have one or both of two problems: a false sense of invincibility or an unrealistic fear of everything; I had a combination of both oddly enough. The funny thing about these problems is that just about everyone experiences one or the other or both to some degree, and nearly all of these people partially recover from both complexes (in what I have seen) in just the first semester of college. Of course, college is excellent for the purpose of getting an education, making friends and trying new things, but above all else, going to college is a way of saying to many struggling new adults "you're not actually invincible, but you're smart. You can do it." The entire experience has been a rush of encouragement balanced with humility, idealism with reality, and an even mixture of failures and successes to remind me that I can amount to something, but not everything. It embarasses me to admit how long it took me, but I've finally realized that it's not about comparing myself to everyone else anymore. I can take pride in who I am, who I'm becoming, and what I can do.


Out of my college experience, I have learned a lot about myself, the things I value, and what I plan to do with my life that will benefit not just myself, but others as well. From living on my own, to making my class schedules, to putting numerous hours into being at the library, I've learned that time management and self-discipline are vital characteristics one should have in their life. I have to be able to manage my time accordingly to when things are due, and make sure I can motivate and dedicate myself to follow through with things I have already committed to. These aspects of responsibility will help further in life when I choose to do whatever it is I desire. As for the value of attending college, I believe in this day and age a college degree puts you one step ahead of others in this very competitive workforce. Also, I feel more prosperous or well-off about dealing with events that lie ahead in life, and this is another thing I can pass on to my children, so they can grow up and be motivated to succeed with the value of a college education.


Thus far, out of my college experience, I have gained a better understanding of different cultures and an unforgettable opportunity to meet people from all across the globe. It has been the most valuable to attend Chaminade because it led the way into the newest chapter and adventure of my life. If I had not attended Chaminade, or any other college for that matter, I would have not have had the rare chance to meet all the wonderful people I met nor would I have gotten to participate in, learn and grow from all the experiences and opportunities I was blessed with. Chaminade changed my life because it exceeded all expectations I had of the kind of college I wanted to attend.


With the completion of my first year in college, I have experienced several different things that ultimately changes the way I see college. So far, in my college experience, I have experienced the concept of community, opportunity, ambitiousness, initiative, and family. In Chaminade, there are countless communities to choose from, whether it be from the drama department to campus ministry, there are communities for every lifestyle available. Taking the initiative to join a community and making yourself known is one of the few important steps in making the best of college life. Making connections and relationships is essential in every college life. Being in college is an extrodinary experience and privilege, one must take full advantage of it. Being in college is like being in a virtual realm of the real world. In college, you get to make mistakes, create new relationships in a safe and secure enviroment. This is a place where you can define yourself and prepare how you would take on the world. Being ambitious, taking initiative, making connections, and keeping connected with family is very important. College is valuable because it gives you and teaches you everything that you need and want to know.


From my education at a two-year community college, I've not only learned about the world I live in, but have also learned how to make it a better place. I've learned about myself and the things I want in my life, and learned about those around me and the things they need in the lifes they live. I've learned how to be responsible and self-reliant, so I can then serve others who are in need. I've learned of the aspirations and successes of cultures and societies that have made them great, as well as the mistakes and struggles they encounter. From the education I received, I feel more confident in my ability to problem solve, communicate with others, maintain, oraganize, and create. Every class and course helped me understand others better, whether it was a direct lesson from a psychology, history, or communications course, or more indirectly through other studies such as science, health, and finance. Everyone's life is unique, but we all go through similar experiences. Studying every aspect of the world around us only helps us grow closer to those with whom we share it.


My liberal arts degree & LPN degree will open a door for me to get into the RN program at Boise State University. I know that if I were to go out to the job market I would be in a higher pay range then if I had not gone to college. I am looking forward to finishing my bachelors degree. I do adult foster care for the disabled and these degrees that I have now will expand my career choice to be able to help more people, but I prefer to get my BSN in nursing so that I can help even more people. I am very thankful that I have had the chance to get my liberal arts degree and LPN certificate. I believe going back to school has helped me to relate better with my children that are young adults and in college. College has given me a better understanding of what the kids face at school. School can be looked at a haven of hope or despairing mountain that seems to hard to climb, but it is learning to take one step at a time and not look at the path but envisioning the goal.


I come from a totally different environment, culture, and lifestyle. What I experienced the most is the reliability on my family and relatives. And I would say that attending college or traveling hundred miles just to go to college has played a large impact on my life. I am far away from home, being introduced to this new world, yet at this current moment I do not feel lost and alone. Chaminade University, with its great, hardworking faculty, and friendly students showed me that I have the potential and courage to step out into the new, bigger world. I have the power to become very socialable, power to communicate and the wisdom to share knowledge and services with the people around me. I became very active in self confidence, and I know that other people appreciate what I do. I perform community services and do volunteer jobs; Painting. What has become of me is very valuable to the community and to the world because the bigger picture is not about me but about what I do for others and how others feel. It's been very valuable to attend Chaminade because I'm still learning what to do best.


Universities encourage the personal growth of their students, whether you are a high school graduate or returning after years of working or raising children. Through in-depth learning opportunities and a unique social atmosphere, the college experience allows students to explore what they like and dislike, cement their personal beliefs, meet other people from all walks of life and further develop their minds and skills. I am a returning college student and while I enjoyed my first college experience, I had no idea what I wanted to get out of my education. After entering the workforce for a few years, I quickly realized the true value of university life. The college experience, for me, is about the process of becoming my own woman, learning new skills that will help me build a successful career, joining clubs that fit my interests in order to network and make new friends, and building the leadership skills I need to be successful in life. My first college experience allowed me to learn more about myself. Because of this, I am now able to push my boundaries and comfort zones in an effort to become a stronger and more well rounded person.


I have truely come to learn and accept how Chaminade runs as a university and a business. My first year at Chaminade wasn't what I had planned and it wasn't just me either. Many students like myself wanted to leave or had already left because of the cost, grades, and homesickness. Although I had a balance and was worried that I had to wait and come back spring semester because I couldn't pay my balance and that meant no dorm, no classes. I finally gotten over that burden and paid my balance and I am dorming and enjoying my classes very well. I was one of those students who felt Chaminade did suck and Hawaii wasn't what I expected, but I can say that I'm falling in likes with my school and I love Hawaii. Attending school in America where the culture is so different it seems foreign it has been a pleasure to know a different culture. I wouldn't trade another school in the world to recieve the education I am recieving at Chaminade. I'm here to stay and finish no matter what.


College is a time for advancing yourself for future career and social endeavors. At Chaminade University, I was able to learn through small class sizes the importance of personalization with professors and peers to succeed. By being able to know my classmates by name, I was able to build relationships that followed through throughout the school year. This treasure of relationship with people is important because it has prepared me for my future interactions with clients, businessmen, and employees. I have learned the significance of a person and how to approach their values with my own.


Going to college may feel extraordinarily nerve-wracking to new freshman and transfers, but the experience higher education brings is beyond worthwhile. The two best things that I've gotten out of my college experience are the new and diverse people I meet, and the world of educational opportunities presented to me. Going to school in Hawai'i meant getting as far away from home as possible without leaving the USA. How anxiety-producing! The best ideas usually are. Now I have friends from all over the world, and learn new tings about their native languages and cultures every day. My classes have made me more sophisticated and intelligent. College requirements mean taking courses in areas that I never would have considered studying on my own. If it weren't for college, I would never have discovered that I adore Communications. Now I want to continue studying it both in school and on my own time!


I attended Chaminade University of Honolulu in Hawaii, from Fall term 1984 to Spring term 1986. Attending Chaminade provided me with a faith based (Marianist), education which allowed me to grow both intellectually and personally. I was also fortunate enough to receive a scholarship during my two year course of study at Chaminade, without which I could not have afforded to attend Chaminade. Although a privately run school, Chaminade University did not discriminate between self paying students and finacial aid, scholarship recipients like myself. I was also able to write for the Silversword, Chaminade's student publication, which was a very rewarding experience for me, both academically and personally. My stint with the Silversword helped me to hone my writing skills. Finally, the cosmopolitan student body at Chaminade gave me an opportunity to meet students from domestic as well as international backgrounds. I am firmly convinced that I received a well rounded education at Chaminade University.


Knowing what I know now, the advice that I would give my previous self would be to let "who you were" in highschool, go. I'm not saying that you should dismiss your merits, honors, and achievements, but I think that if we let our popularity and social aspects that we had in highschool go, that we could transition easier and without fail. With the academic year of 2009-2010 being my first year of college, I've had to learn to let my highschool life go, and be open to a new life with new people and experiences. From where I stand, I think that this is what most of us college freshman fail to realize until it's too late.


I would tell myself to enjoy my high school years and not stress so much about college admissions. There are always alternatives to getting into a good school and if I don't get into my top rated school, I can always transfer afterwards. During my senior in high school, all I would worry about was to get a high GPA and pass all my AP exams so that I could get college credit. However, these didn't exactly help me in college. College is a whole new beginning... you start over again as a real "freshmen" and gradually learn to become a better student as every semester passes on. Perhaps, everything that you need to learn such as essays, reports, time management, financial aid, etc will be learnt again but in more depth in one's college years. Hence, I would recommend to enjoy one's high school senior year with friends and family and especially relax while still keeping up the good grades.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition from high school to college, if I were to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell the young senior to focus on preparation skills and to always have determination. Preparation and determination are two key ingredients to success! I've learned from experiences in life, if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Also, as seen in sports worldwide, the better prepared team often times prevails. However, Determination is an imperative attribute that virtually anyone would benefit from. Its not always the rabbit who wins the race, sometimes it takes will over skill. Preparation and determination are two key ingredients to success!


The most important thing that I would tell myself is this: ?Please don?t waste your precious time!? The 6 years following my high school graduation, I was in the U.S. Navy. I wish that someone would have told me to use that time to get my education completed, however I have had to learn the hard way. I am doing my best to complete a degree in psychology, so that I may then obtain a masters in counseling. I feel that my life?s purpose it to help people overcome problems in their lives, and I need an excellent education to do so. Thank you, Emily Day


If I could go back in time I would tell myself not to freak out when things don't go as smoothly as planned and I would definatly remind myself that in the due course of time everything works itself out. I would highlight the importanc eof balancing fun and work because without the two it's really easy to become lost and confused.


During my senior year of high school, I was focused, independent, and goal oriented. I enlisted into the Army Reserves to help pay for school during my senior year and left for training shortly after graduation. I missed for the first semester of school due to training but I planned for this and had taken dual credit and AP classes while in High School. During my first semester my attitude in college did not change. Although I made a few mistakes, there are none that I regret. Shortly before my second semester of college I became pregnant. I continued to go to class and do all that was asked of me and then some. A week before finals my unborn child was diagnosed with Heterotaxy Syndrome, a very rare birth defect. I finished the semester with over a 3.0. I am unable to attend school this semester full time but I will be taking online classes until I can attend school again in approximately six months. I would greatly appreciate this scholarship to help me continue my education and help me fullfill my dream of becoming an attorney.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior there would be one thing I would emphasize for me to do that I am trying to catch up on now. I would tell myslef all the troubles the cost of college can causes and that there are many different scholarships out there willing to help with my education. I would explain that I need to get on top of things and start filling out more applications because I could use all the money I could get for my college tuition. Loans are something I?ve had to unfortunately take part in and now I have come to the sad realization that I will be in debt when I graduate. It will then take years to pay for my education in the long run. I am trying to take the burden of my college costs out of my mothers hands as a single parent with cancer, we are having a troubles with our finances. There are people willing to help with my education so I would beg myself to apply for as many scholarships possible because college is very expensive and hard.


The only things i would tell myself in high school is that i should apply for as many scholarships as I can, in order to not put the financial burden on my mother who is helping me pay for college.


I would tell myself to get more help understanding a financial aid award letter. I would say to do more research on the schools that interest me and the living situations. I didn't know my school's out-of-state tuition was so high. I would tell myself to get help from people in college and not from my family because not one member has been to college. I woud learn to manage my money better. I would apply for scholarships for that college. I would tell myself to apply to school closer than my current school. I would say college life is awesome!


The right college for your child, or yourself, would probably be class size, location, and environment. Once you feel comfortable with a college of your choice, its just a matter of moving in, discovering what is located around you (stores, food, etc), making friends, and just being yourself. Once college starts, be ontop of things so you dont get behind, but that doesnt mean you have to be studing all the time, make friends and go out and have fun! Just dont do things your not suppose to do, be wise and smart. College is suppose to be a learning experiance and making the best of friends out of it and the most important of all being independant .


Research the college very throughly because once you choose a college that you want to go to you have to at least give it a chance befor you can go to another one. Also make sure that the college is in the place that you feel you want to be at and it has everything that you need to grow and learn there.


Parents, but students especially should visit the potential schools in order to get a feel for the environment. The student needs to be comfortable, both physically and emotionally. Parents and/ or students should also explore the tuition and expenses of all potential schools to find the right choice(s) financially, and their budget should be kept in mind for as long as it will take to finish the degree. Parents and/ or students should also inquire about financial aide because it could end up helping if paying tuition on their own is not possible.


Be sure its somewhere, where the child feels comfortable and will find enjoyable to live for the next 4 years. Also, that they should take part of what the campus has to offer. Get involved! Its a great way to meet new people and expand your opportunities for a better job outlook becuase you are able to extened your network to others who may be affiliated with the extra cirrcular activites that you child has gotten involved with.


The process of finding and attending a college that is right for you may seem overwhelming. Ultimately, it is important to remember that it is your decision and your life. In that regard, find a college that reflects your values and personal style, if you're still a little bewildered arrange a few different visits and talk to current students. Choosing a college will be life changing no matter where you end up but never lose track of why you're there. A person should attend college for one important reason, to absorb an education that, that in the end, is priceless and irreplaceable. Going to college isn't always about getting the best grades, knowing the most people, doing the most activities, or getting a job. Rather, college is a portal to who you are as a person, what you stand for, what you believe in, and provides you with the resources to lead others in the same positive direction. Come time for graduation students should be able to look out over their family, friends, and community and see themselves smiling back through their hard work, determination, and positive attitude. If you can achieve that you can do anything.


Plan early


Find a school that best fits the students needs and morals. It all depends on the student. I have found that smaller class sizes give individual students the chance to feel like they are part of a bigger community. That "together-ness" is essential in colleges. College should be a great experience, and what better way to experience it with people who share the same values and goals as you. I would also suggest finding a college that offers a range of extracurricular activities. This will give students the chance to bond with other students they may not have the same classes with.


Finding the right college isn?t always the easiest thing to do. For myself, I looked at class sizes. I like the idea of connecting with my professors and my fellow classmates. Other thing to look at is the location of your college. Do you like being in cold weather or hot weather more? If you have allergies like I do, how is the environment for your allergies? Another important aspect is does the college have your major? Are you going to take on a minor?


I would tell both parent and students to look for the school that offers the best program that interests you. I would also tell the student to look at the background of the school and the website to see what alumni and others have to say about the school in general. Then i would tell them to make a decision on the school of their choice by thinking about how they would feel in that place and by how hard they are willing to work to complete the area of study that they had thought about going into.


Find a school that fits your personality. Find a school that's helpful in every aspect from academic advising to financial aid to healthy socializing.


parents and students should really sit down together and dicuss what they are looking for in a university or college. communication is very important btw a family and it can help you with choosing the right school. some schools can be out of reach financially and you dont want to end up in debt when there are other schools out there that offer great degrees and great finanical aid. most private school are expensive however they ofter the most financial aid from what i discovered when i applied to college. really do the research together as a family and be open to move from home too! sometimes leaving home tends to make you become a bit more responsible! its hard for parents but in the end even parents willl see how much there child has grown! once you pick the right school and you are there mingle as much as you can! it can be hard at times to meet people especially if family and friends from home keep saying they miss you and want you to come back! be strong because you are going to learn more about yourself when you are away at college than those who dont!


Parents: let you kids apply to wherever they want and try not to limit or bribe them into staying in the area. They will resent you for it, most likely. & Students: Living with parents doesn't allow you to have the full college experience. Go for the school that you want to and offers the program you want, even if it means taking out loans! In the end the experience will be worth having!


do not let anyone interfer with your decision, let your choice be your choice. and money is not everything, do not let money control your decisions.


Personally, I feel that you only have one college experience. Once you get out of high school, college is a whole other world. You have to find a college that fits your personality and has the curriculum you enjoy. College is there to help you figure out your career, not a job, but a career, so be wise when selecting a college. Don't pick a college because your friend is attending it, pick a college that you know will benefit you in the long run because after all it is YOUR FUTURE! To the parents, try to be supportive as possible for any decisions your child has to make for themselves, it is part of the growing up process. So new college students, please make the best of your college experience and live your experience with NO REGRETS! Do everything you wish to accomplish because down the line you don't ever want to say "WHAT IF?" GOOD LUCK TO YOU ON THE NEW CHAPTER OF YOUR LIVES!


Choosing a school is a hard choice to make with the cost tuition, books, housings, transportation and other necessities. The right college is not the prestigious name, but the academics involved. The committment, hard work and dedication to schoolwork, making friends, adapting to social change, cultural diffirences, and the appreciation of a college education. The colleges needs to be economically feasible for you & your family.

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