Chaminade University of Honolulu Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The amount of credits you are allowed to take per semester and how much summer school courses could cost.


What I wish I had known before I came to Chaminade University was finding out a Dance Team program. I thought there would be one but there isn't. The reason why I wish I had known about that is because I have been dancing jazz, ballet, and hiphop. Therefore, I want to be able to continue my hobby while I am at college.


Before I came to Chaminade, I wish I would have known that we are located on a campus that is shared with an all boys high school. Although we are an university, we use all of the high school's facilities. Such as, their basketball gym, their athletic fields, and their spacious theater. This is not a huge problem, but being an athlete here, it breaks my heart that we do not have our own place to call "home."


I wish I had known just how wonderful campus life at Chaminade University would be. Because the school is fairly smaller than most campuses, it gave me a better opportunity to get to know people on a deeper level. Chaminade University provides a genuine open and friendly environment where everyone becomes a part of your extended family. If I had known this little tidbit about Chaminade, I would have decided on attending there a lot quicker than I had.


I wish I had known the wide variety of communities within the school. In every single department, club, or activity, there is always a feeling of family amongst the teachers, faculty, and students. There are a wide variety of opportunities to get involved in this school, and I wish I would have known all these opportunities before I came in. Reason being, I wanted to be able to decide and join communities that best suit my personality and preference. Another thing I wish I would have known before coming in is the financial aid and scholarship opportunities offered in Chaminade.


I wish that I had known that Chaminade cared so much about their students, because I would have felt more at ease about going to a new school! However, I could already sort of tell how much they care about their students during the application process. I was treated like an important individual and always had my questions answered patiently and thoroughly during phone calls to different departments.


I wish that before I came to attend this college I would have learned more about the surrounding cultures. The cultures here are so much different then those I am used to being around at home. I feel that if I knew more about the cultures here I would not have been so overwhelmed my first semester. Secondly I wish I could have learned more about time management. If I would have know how to manage my time better I know my first semester in school would have turned out significantly better then it did.


That you can take more than 12 credits a semester

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