Chaminade University of Honolulu Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Student teacher interaction, the classes are small and that the teacher knows you by your name and not by a number. Also the teachers are very helpful in pursuing your interests


It's in Hawaii. It provides a forensic science degree.


Chaminade is a small school and the faculty is here because they want to be here, which makes me want to be here and work harder. I know that my professors are hear to really help me, their whole hearts go into every class. I have yet to come accross a faculty member who is unwilling or too busy to help me with whatever I need, which is something I rarely felt or experienced at my last university.


The best thing about Chaminade University is the small class sizes and the diversity of the students among the campus. You are able to get to know professors, as well as peers, to make the college experience a smooth and easy transition from high school.


I think that the best thing about my school is its religious background and its small community. Everyone knows everyone and greets them with a warm smile. Chaminade University of Honolulu is like a family-focused around a great education and sound faith.


Small class size. Excellent professors. Great Job opportunities. Beautiful city of Honolulu. Located in Hawaii! Tons of Activities both on and off campus. Perhaps the best thing about CUH is that the people (students, faculty, and staff) treat you like family. No one will let you slip through the cracks and be forgotten. I have made friends for life and met people from all around the world. The professors here could more appropriately be called mentors because of their strong support and motivating ways of teaching. I wouldn't trade going to Chaminade for any other school.


Diversity and its small size. Friendly environment:)


I think that Chaminade University is the best because the advisors help you to make sure that you graduate in a timely manner. The professors are always there to help with anything that you need. The small class sizes are great. There are only 30 students maximum in each classroom, which makes it easier to concentrate and gain a better sense of togetherness.


Chaminade is extremly accepting and helping to everyone. The staff and faculty make sure the students know that they are there for us. The classes at Chaminade are small which allow the students and professors to interact that make it easier for us to better learn.

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