Champlain College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is nothing that is the worst!


Champlain has limited housing and meal plan options. All students who registar on time are garenteed housing, but all of on-campus housing requires the purchase of the meal plan. Champlain has only one "off-campus" option, in the next town over, and rents for apartments nearby average $800 a month.


I'm use to a more rural environment. My opinion is that Burlington is a little too much city.


The financial aid packages. I think they need to take the time to look past certain documents and look into the lives of some of their students. Just because it says one thing on paper it doesn't mean that a stranger can assume how much monetary responsibility that family can take on, there are so many other factors that should be considered.


Professors don't always follow the same curriculum. Therefore, I could takea course with one professor and learn something completely different than my friend that takes it with another professor. I don't like this because I feel like we should all be learning the same thing if our graduation depends on it. And what if I find the other professor more interesting? It's not like I can switch into that course because of placement issues.


The new 3 demensions of learning. It's too complicated and unrealistic.


The worst thing about my school is that there are no sports teams only intermurals


Hands-on Learning