Champlain College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People that like smaller communities, who want to be a name and not just a number, and students that are really looking for something in the business/liberal arts words. We are not a science college. We don't do research like that here. Also, the Vermont culture is very important. Hiking, skiing, being eco-friendly are all important here.


Champlain College provides an educational experience for all types. Are you interested in being part of a close-knit student community? Do you want to build personal connections with your professors and classmates? Is a beautiful campus in scenic New England what you are looking for? Do you highly prioritize a college's hands-on learning approach and renowned career placement services? If you answered yes to any, even all, of these questions, then Champlain College is the right school for you!


Someone who thrives in smaller environments. If you like to see people you know everywhere you go and have the oppertunity to goof around as well as learn a lot and become prepared for work in your field, attend Champlain.


Someone who is ready to get involved and have fun, and not just by partying every weekend. There are a lot of activities on campus and extra-curricular projects that students can be a part of and even learn something they ordinarily wouldn't in a classroom.


There are three types of individuals at Champlain College. The first is the typical skier/snowboarder aiming to hit the slopes as often as possible. The second is the free spirited hippie who aims to save the environment and enlighten themselves with drugs and music festivals. The third is the gaming nerd who hides in the basement with his/her buddies playing the latest video game. The two major divisions of Champlain College are Business (International, Marketing, etc.) and Communication and Creative Media (Game Design, Graphic Design, Digital Filmmaking). Most individuals enjoy drinking alcohol on weekends in apartments off campus.


If you want a small school and don't mind the cold weather.


Any kind of person really...