Champlain College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who has lived in a big city and feels comfortable there. Burlington is Vermont's largest city, but it still often has that small-town feel. Most everything is in walking distance from campus, but if you want to go to a place like Walmart, you need a car or a city bus to drive you the 20 mins it takes to get there. Vermont is filled with people trying to live healthier lifestyles, so if you aren't committed to saving the planet, this may not be the place for you.


Anyone looking for a large school experience should not attend Champlain College. The school is very small compared to its neighbor UVM.


This gifted school is intended for those with an open mind and a passion for new knowledge and experiences. Those who do not wish to broaden their horizons and step out of their boxes will not enjoy this school and it's surrounding community. This is not a large school, so those with the hopes of becoming lost in their classes of 300 students would be dissapointed with the maximum attendance of around 30 students. Those intersted in attending Champlain College should be interested in bettering their future and those around them including surrounding communities.


People that don't like the outdoors or the cold weather. Also, people that like big cities also should not attend this school. And if someone wants to be just a number in a classroom, rather than have a more personal relationship with professors, they should also not attend this school


Any one who is close minded shouldn't attend this school. Anyone who enjoys participating in varsity sports shouldn't come to Champlain either.


The type who likes varsity sports, hates egamers, or wants to be in a frat because we don't have any of it (except for the egamers, we have tons of those)


Someone who wants to be pre-med and someone who is against drug use.