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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior at this point in my life would be to get more involved in extracurricular activities, and volunteer services to get enough scholarships to cover expenses, in case go to college outside Ohio. I would set aside time to research different scholarships that fit the field of study I am interested in and not be too lazy write essays. Take the time to shadow people in the fields I am interested in to make sure I don't waste anytime in enrolling for a major that I am not happy with, I would also inquire about internship programs while shadowing at these organization to figure out if I want to do my internship my senior year or during the summer after my graduation, to help me learn more about my choosen field of study. I would go on college tours to get a feel of the different campus to figure out if one of the colleges are for me and what I am looking for in a college. I would speak with college counselors and the financial aid office to learn more about the Pell Grants and school loan process.


I started college late in life and knowing what I know now I would have started ealier in life and took the courses that I really wanted to be in life which was to be a NCIS or a Physicians assistant.