Chandler-Gilbert Community College Top Questions

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The unique thing about Chandler-Gilbert is that it offers many more computer classes compared to the others in the surrounding area.


Chandler-Gilbert Community College really tested my abilities as a student. Participation and growth actually seemed to matter to the faculty at CGCC. I have attened a few highschools, as well as another college. This is the only school where I felt as though my success was at the fore-front of each teacher's mind and necessary for the furtherment of my educational career.


At Chandler Gilbert Community College we are driven by the thought of the future, and how we can work together to preserve that future. as one of Maricopa County?s Community College, we strive to maintain a "green way of life" where we are constantly collaborating with the student population and the help of guest speakers to come up with new and original ways to preserve the earth and prevent harm by either global warming, pollution of all forms and over use of our limited resources. At Chandler Gilbert we not only making a difference today, we are changing tomorrow.


This school focuses on the traditional type of schooling where they have primarily classes taken on campus. They do offer limited online classes for those looking for a more convenient way to take classes.


This school is very small and has small class sizes. The teacher actually knows my name in all my classes versus when i went to ASU. My biggest class is 60 students.