Chandler-Gilbert Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Chandler-Gilbert Community College? Why?


I would say the only thing that i consider worst thing is i had to wait for my high school to mail my transcripts to my college which held me up not to the blame of the college but to the high school. Overall i dont have too many worst things to complain about this seems to be the norm in every school so i guess i dont have to much "worst things list" other than the fact that these things do take time but is worth it to attend my school Chandler/Gilbbert community college in the first place.


Not being able to feel the connection between other students.


The cafe food because it's usually very bland or always the same thing every day.


For the most part Chandler-Gilbert is an excelled school. However, the only thing I would consider the worst is the availibility of career advisors. They are they to help and spark your insterests however after seeing one twice I stil felt slightly confused about some profession in my field of study.


nothing really everything about this school is great i find nothing wrong here.


The worst thing about Chandler Gilbert Community College is the lack of funds. This problem creates many problems for the student including the fact that the school had to eliminate some programs due the insufficient funds. Another factor that is affected by the shortage of money is the extracurricular activities including sports and clubs that are required to raise money to attend special events. With the addition of more monetary donations Chandler Gilbert Community College will furthermore be able to offer a larger variety of scholarship to students in need of financial aid.


The only thing I didn't like was that I took classes and then afterwards found out that I couldn't count those credits toward my degree.


Same as above, Money. I was granted a grant for up too 5 thousand $ and my school thinks 2 thousand would be a good amount to pay for school and books. Im a 36 yrs old, full time student and parent living at my parents. Thats ok, I will go to school and finish school and lead a better life for my children and I.


The advisors do not seem to be concerned with helping students choose the classes best fit for them or for helping them to declare a major.


At this point I have no negative comments about my school. Their programs are very accommodating and allow for distance/online learning. Their staff and faculty are incredibly helpful and supportive.