Chandler-Gilbert Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone looking for an assosciate's degree or just looking to take a couple of classes who is local should attend this school. It is great for anyone really because the teachers tend to care about their students and want them to do well. You should however be dedicated to your work, this is college not pre-school, and you should also be punctual because classes start whether you are there or not.


Friendly, non intimidating and homey atmosphere


A person dedicated to thier learning and thier futre. The kid of person that should attend this school can save money and have lots of help surrounding you to help you be successful during your time at a community college. Lastly, the kind of person should want to transfer to a four university afterward.


Any person that is really hoping for a challenge within a two-year institution should attend this school. There are many options for community colleges out there, but this one is for all types. Not only is it a challenge, but the teachers are willing to work with you one-on-one to make sure that your comprehension is complete to the best of your ability. This type of teaching allows students of all ages and backgrounds to enter and succeed along with their peers.


This school is great for anybody who wants a good education in a great environment. The campus is beautiful, and the variety of students is amazing. Teachers and students alike are respectful and diverse.


Chandler-Gilbert Community College is literally a school for everyone, the students are so diverse as are the teachers.


Anyone who seriously desires to learn and be challenged mentally should go to Chandler Gilbert. Party people and slackers should find another school.


Anybody that have an interests in doing something with their lives and wish to pursue a professional career should attend this school, in fact attend any college but just make sure to get an education. Those who are too young and think college is too hard will soon regret once they've grown up and unable to go back. So, if anyone want to make the future better for themself... sign up and attend.


If you are a poor college student, like myself, I would recomment you join a community college. It is cheaper than going directly to a university. At Chandler-Gilbert Community College, the teachers are able to give you one on one time and there is tutoring if you need it. This school also works well with my full time schedule at work.


Chandler/ Gilbert Community College is an ideal school for anyone looking to further their education. It is a great place to start for High School graduates, people looking to better themselves to advance their careers, as well as people trying to meet their prerequisites before transferring to a university. They offer many vocational programs as well which helps prepare a student for the workforce in a short span of time.


Any person is accepted into this school, no matter their major, learning abilities, race, sexuality or religious differences.