Chapman University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school has been a great match for me and will help me to get the career that I am interested in.


Chapman University has plenty of opportunities, but you will need to put in the effort to find them.


Chapman is a private school that offers lots of opportunities because it's a small campus.


It is an institution that puts the students needs first in that Chapman gives them every opportunity possible.


Chapman university has a personal, caring, inclusive atmosphere.


Chapman University is a very aesthetically pleasing campus full of opportunity.


My school is a great educational instituion with modern touches while holding on to its rich history and traditions .


A really beautiful school filled with amazing people and professors who actually care.


Everyone always comments on what a beautiful campus we have, it looks very put together and impressive. Visitors also say how nice the dorms are and facilities are.


As you drive up to Chapman University, you are likely to be welcomed by a large, prestigious gate. As you enter, you can't help by stare. Chapman is full of tall, beautiful buildings. Some buildings, such as the library, is stacked high with an amazing brick pattern, which you will later see on other buildings. This pattern is patented to Chapman University, and no one else in the world can steal this wonderful design. Other buildings, such as Smith Hall or Memorial Hall, are tall, white, and look like they might be in the background of a movie. Something else you are bound to notice at Chapman is the large amount of fountains. It seems unnecessary at times, but also adds to the beauty of this small, Southern California school. And the fountains are not just for looking at. At times, students are found swimming in the deeper fountains, or cooling off by running through the 4 Pillar Fountain found in the piazza. Chapman is nothing if not beautiful. It is an amazing school filled with attractive, amazing people. I am constantly finding things at this school that take my breath away.


Chapman University has the atmosphere of a small school, while still feeling big as a result of the location and the students that attend the school.


A small school excelling in academics and giving personal academic resources to help students in the future.


Just like Goldie Locks sought to find the perfect middle ground, Chapman's unique size has give me the special treatment I need to prepare for my career after college; the Chapman environment is neither too hard nor soft, hot or cold, it's just right!


Small, safe, and close enough to just about anywhere you'd want to go.


The school is personal (first name basis), friendly, prefoessional, and consistent.


My school is very student based and always willing to give advice and help.


Chapman is a liberal arts based school with a very fun, friendly, and open environment that will help you discover who you are and what you want in life.


Chapman University is the ideal school for the student who is driven, goal-oriented, and who strives to do well by providing students with all of the necessary tools and opportunities for them to use in order to determine their success.


Chapman is just the right size with reasonable class sizes and professors who care to get to know their students.


Small, affluent, university that prepares students for career


Chapman is a university that is becoming increasingly well-respected due to it's many opportunities with faculty who challenge the students, student groups which have a strong value and presence on campus, and because of it's amazing location in southern California, it is easy to suppliment one's education with hands on experiences outside of the classroom in almost any field.


Small liberal arts university with strong focus on building prestige through heavy spending on construction projects.


Chapman University is a place where discepencies build community.


Easy, fun, active, beneficial if you make the most of it.


A frinedly environment where great education is offered to those who seek it.


A smal, private university in Southern California that is a very artistically driven school.