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What's unique about my school is that there is a lot of student involvment in clubs and organizations on campus. Majority of my friends are in at least one club/organization. What students here find is that many of the clubs offer great connections and makebring different perspectives and experiences. So many upper classemen find that they have found a strong passion that coincides with a club here (or they create one) and really become involved in it. Often times, when students graduate they take what they did at Chapman and use it throughout life.


The thing about Chapman is that they surround you with so much information and resources. It's such a welcoming environment. The unique thing is that a majority of the students here are incredibly involved with a variety of things. With the teachers, the low student to teacher ratio is very comforting because you know that faculty is genuinely concerned with the betterment of every single student. No matter what kind of person you are here, Chapman will give to you what you give to it. If you exude positivity, positivity will rain over you.


The campus is small and therefore you can be very efficient.


The class sizes at Chapman are so small, the teacher gets to know you and it makes for a much more personal and unique experience. You get to make a lot of friends in your classes because of it, once you meet someone you start seeing them all over campus because it's so small. It has a great location, close to Disneyland and the beach!


I think Chapman is unique when compared to other schools because there are so many distractions available like the beaches and shopping that a lot of people can readily afford, but the students are some the most productive and driven people I have met. It is great that people who already have a lot still recognize the value of a solid education over material goods.


The one aspect of my school I personally believe is quite unique compared to other schools is quality of the professors. Many might claim that they do in fact have the best teachers on campus, but I am certain that the professors at Chapman University are unlike any other. Several instances have ocurred this year that have proven this statement to me. I have witnessed teachers conducting acts of kindness that range from going out of their way to tend to the needs of students to providing their home phone numbers in the case that a student requires extra help.


It is hands on with a high teacher student ratio. It ephasizes career growth as well as individual growth and has a very diverse culturual makeup.


Chapman University has been put on the map for its renowned, state-of-the-art and experience-filled Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Ideally located in Orange County, California, the school sits in one of the most beautiful and prosperous counties in our country while being just a heartbeat away from Hollywood, the Mecca of media entertainment. Together, its location and this notable program are two of the features that set Chapman University apart in its excellence.


I love Chapman. I really do. It was a great decision for me to come here and I am glad I chose it. Of course there are days where I cannot wait to get out of here and join the real world. I feel like I'[m trapped in a Chapman bubble at times and will never be allowed to escape. But I am so glad that I came here, met the people that I did, and was able to experience the classes that I did. I have had an amazing experience here and would not have changed my decision for the world.


I feel like Chapman has so many things around it, plus opportunities for getting involved. I am constantly busy. I am in Gamma Beta Phi Honors Society, where we volunteer at local organizations around orange. I also am in Delta Delta Delta, where we have various social, as well as philanthropic events. I love the area down here, with Disney, Shopping, Amazing food, big bear only 2 hours away, and LA 1 hour away, Beach 15-20 minutes. Just make sure you bring a car so you can utilize all of this!


Chapman University offers an outstanding highly competitive education. The Business school is nationally ranked among other public and private Universities. The student to teacher ratio was very good and the intimate relationship a student could get from each teacher was awesome.


Chapman is a great sized school. Intimate with beautiful facilities.


Its a small school that provides great personal resources and opportunities for its students. They personally team up with companies that provide fantastic internships to the students at Chapman University. The small class sizes and hands on teaching helps to challenge students and provide the highest education possible that will prepare their students for life after college.


What I found most unique about Chapman University was that it offered creative writing as a major. Although I would've settled for English as a major if necessary, I really wanted to focus more specifically on creative writing in my studies. This has proved to be very helpful, as Chapman offers a lot of courses catered to my major, which I wouldn't normally have been offered at another college or university.


What drew me to choose Chapman was the class sizes. Compared to bigger universities, Chapman does not have as many lecture hall classes and the average class size is 25-30 students. I personally prefer these smaller classes because the educational experience seems more personal.


I feel that Chapman has the big campus drive with the small campus feel. I've done both kinds and find that you are not going to find a better enviroment than one that Chapman has set up. One can really feel a sence of belonging here compared to being just another fish in the pond at a bigger school. It is also easier to get the proper education and training with one to one versus a one to one hundred teacher/sudent ratio.


Small college that allows accessible personal student to professor relationships. With professors having more time and not be overloaded with hundreds upon hundreds of students, a student can get more out of their education instead of just lectures and labs. A small community without losing from academic integrity can allow a stronger network to be built. Especially it's location is more crime-free than major cities allowing a more peaceful walk in the night with friends.


That it is a liberal arts college which embraces all lifestyles. It is more art-oriented than the other school that I considered.


Chapman has a new special GE code that allows students to take a lot of diverse classes that other schools wouldn't require. There is a big emphasis on international awareness. We are one of the only schools that has a major in Holocaust Studies. We constantly have Holocaust survivors come lecture at our school and we have our very own Holocaust museum. We also have a piece of the Berlin Wall and were one of the few schools that celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall; the celebration was promoted by the US German Consolate.


Great facilities and film program, friendly learning environment, exciting classes


It has fantastic financial aid and the teachers are eager to help students out. Students themselves are very accessible, and Disneyland is but a ten minute drive away! It is in the middle of everything - the beach, LA and its many concerts/museums etc/Disneyland, and a lot of other entertainment so long as you have the cash and the transportation. It also is conveniently located right besides Old Towne Orange, which has become a sort of college town to students in attendance.


It's small, personal, and wildly fun but not that competitive. (But don't think people aren't hard-working, if you want the get the average here you're going to have to work your ass off).


I think it is important to mention that Chapman is full of leadership opportunities and if you want to be an emerging leader Chapman is place to make that happen. It is easy to get involved and easy to make a difference here on campus.


Chapman is an amazing place to be. If you like california beaches, nice weather all year long, great facilities, experienced faculty that know what they are talking about, beautiful and nice people, then there is no reason really why you shouldn't want to come to Chapman. Sure it is expensive, but well over half of the students here receive some form of financial aid. Sure it may seem a little small, but there is tons of social events happening every week and the personalized education really goes a long way. I am so happy I choose Chapman that I am still living out here in California now looking for a job. It is a tough time right now but I have been getting plenty of interviews and lists after lists of opportunities because of Chapman, whether it be from professors helping me out, to people just lending me a hand and giving me some great advice, to the career development center providing me with plenty of companies that are looking for employees. Chapman provides each student with so many opportunities just as long as you put the effort forth and are interested you will find what you have been looking for. GO PANTHERS!!!


I have really enjoyed being at Chapman. There are things that can be approved upon at every college, but I think that Chapman is a really great school. I am really excited to see how what I have learned here translates into a career and life in the "real world."


Chapman is still a small enough school that by the end of your first week you'll be seeing the same faces and have the same people in your classes, which in the long run will result in strong friendships (and business connections) that will last long after graduation.


Our school president is a little construction crazy, so there are always bulldozers on campus. But even with a few roped off areas, the campus is beautiful. It's small enough that you won't be hiking for miles to get to class. You will more than likely get fed up with dormlife after two years and move off-campus - right now it's nearly impossible to live on-campus after sophomore year because of housing shortages, but the new dorms should be finished by next year. What we don't have is a scarcity of parking - we have a massive parking structure built underneath the football field. Chapman's Study Abroad program is wonderful in that they offer lots of program options, many of which you can use your scholarships towards, but an absolute horror to deal with unless you have your mind completely decided; they will say they are there to help you, but their version of helping you is making you find everything out for them.


The film school is amazing! Totally hands on and if you're really serious, you can have a loaded resume and Hollywood connections before you graduate! I can say I have some pretty amazing friends here that are classmates and faculty...a great 4 years!


Chapman is really small. You get to know everybody, especially those in your major, which is nice because you have a lot of connections.


Great class sizes and personal professors. Ability to play sports and do well academicall.


The amazing location, close to beach, fun cities & mountains


great colaboration in the film school with all the different classes. We will have students from different classes acting as crew members for different projects


laid back friendly campus, great atmosphere, good weather/temp., less focus on purely academics and more about the whole college experience


They have a great film/television/digital arts program.