Chapman University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Not only is Chapman University located in sunny Southern California with only a ten minute drive to Disneyland, but it also has one of the top film schools in the nation. The film school, more commonly called Dodge, is a beautiful building full of what I believe to be some of the most talented and driven young people in the world. There are so many opportunities beginning in your freshman year to get on set and take on big roles. I can promise you that in my first year, I learned more than I ever thought possible!




Small class size, great faculty, quality education, and feel like you are in a community.


Quality of professors, personalized education, opportunities for academics and job placement


I brag about our school spirit, geat student government, and our amazing greek life sytem.


Chapman is ranked in the top 10 schools in the Western Regions in the U.S. and we are considered a historical landmark conviently located to the Historic Old Towne Orange, where there are plenty of places to eat and shop as well as next door to Disneyland!


I am a part of the film school (Dodge College), and the amazing facilities, experienced professors, and wealth of opportunities here are what I brag about the most. The food in the cafeteria is also much better than most other colleges, and it has definitely added to my experience here at Chapman.


I am beyond thankful for the limitless opportunities that are offered at Chapman University: free tutoring, flexible student-teacher hours, exciting/informational campus events, easy access to build friendships with the presidents, deans, etc., reputable programs, excellent student/teacher classroom ratio, and so much more. And, more importantly, every single member of the staff seems willing to assist students with any uncertainties they might have during the school year. Chapman University's encouraging environment provides every student a place to grow, to learn, and to become the greatest individual one dreams to be.


I love the class sizes at Chapman University. It is such an intimate setting and allows you to really get to know your professors and the students in the class. I was always worried about getting lost in a big lecture hall and sitting one-hundred rows back, but at Chapman I don't have to worry about that anymore. The campus in general is also great. It's the perfect size and in a great location. I mean Disneyland is only ten minutes away!


Sadly, one of the only interesting topics to brag about in talking about my school is bringing to light the number of children of celebrities that attend my southern california school. There is not much school spirit within my school, due to its size I would assume, thusly there is not much to brag about - especially when my friends go to BIG 10 schools. However, this is only college. I feel bad for my friends that show such interest in binge drinking and NCAA sports.


I brag about how good our Public Relations and Advertising program is. We have access to very knowledgeable professors, and are able to get individual attention. This is very helpful for reaching our career goals once we graduate.


The business program that I am involved in is very highly ranked by the Princeton Review. The location of the school is in a prime location for job oppprtunities both during school as well as after graduation.


Chapman has smaller classes with teachers that are truly dedicated to your success.


How much individual attention I received from professors.


The campus is absolutely beautiful and is in the middle of new construction projects to further improve it. The mantra that says that the school is big enough to give a lot of opportunity, but small enough to not get lost is really true.


The film school. It's brand new, state-of-the-art, and I practically live there because of the amount of projects I have to work on.


I brag about the sunny weather, that we're 10 minutes from the beach and Disneyland, Chapman accepts high school transfer credit so I'm able to save money by graduating a semester early, we're reasonably close to the mountains for snowboarding, the campus is beautiful, on-campus housing and apartments are amazing, the campus is compact so that everything is walking distance, the classrooms are state of the art and have tierd seating, and the school year starts early and ends early so you get a headstart on the job market in the summer.


the small class sizes and the amount of wealthy famous people that attend my school.


Greek life is amazing


The engaged type of education I'm getting. I mostly brag about how small my classes are and how encouraging and helpful my professors are.


How beautiful the campus is, and its small size really has no effect on the campus at all. With the small size of the campus it allows or fewer students which allows for small number of students in the classrooms. Which ultimately leads to having a personal relationship with your professors, which you can not get at most universities across the nation.


All the famous directors and film music composers that I have met at Chapman. What fun things I do with my friends at college.


Small class size, accessibility to faculty, willingness of administration to help students in a positive way, great weather, good location.


The Dodge College Film School