Chapman University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


The stereotypes of Chapman University are rich spoiled white kids. The stereotype is that of the orange county upper class. Although I do feel some people may be like this, the majority do not fall into the stereotype.


Chapman is known as the rich, white, spoiled kids from Orange County...spending their parents' money and not caring about it.


We are all rich white kids who spend our days lounging in the sun on giant yachts in New Port beach. We all drive BMW's, get spray tans and all of our moms have fake boobs. Our lives are the same as the Housewives of Orange County and we spend hours a day at the mall shopping.


Rich, snobby, arrogant, Southern California kids. We OBVIOUSLY got into Chapman because of Mommy and Daddy's money, and we haven't worked for anything a day in our lives. The girls are tan, blonde and hide behind their overly-large Prada sunglasses. The boys drive their BMWs and sport their Stars and Straps muscle shirts. Oh, and we're all film students.


Stuck up, private school kids. All Orange county kids.


Some stereotypes about Chapman are similar to what you would hear about Orange County in general: rich white people. I myself am a middle-class student, and I have never felt out of place at Chapman. I have found that people here are not very judgmental.


Everyone's a film student.