Chapman University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you want to go to school for sports, you have come to the wrong school. The enthusiasm about sports team here is close to none.


You shouldn't attend this school if you are not into the fraternity or sorority life.


Do not attend Chapman university if you are a person looking for a big university experience. This can be someone who rather not know everyone in their class and would rather solely focus on their studies. Also Chapman university is not a commuter school. Most students live in campus or in the city of Orange. This school is also not an option for medical related studies or engineer studies. Chapman is mostly known for humanties, Business or the arts.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone that prefers a small town sense of community. The class sizes are small so you will pretty much get to know everyone in most of your classes. There is Greek life on campus but there is no Greek housing so you can live in the dorms or off-campus and still be active in the Greek community. I transferred to Chapman from a large public college and I can say I feel much more at home instead of lost in a sea of students.


If you're materialistic or if you enjoy the weather.


Someone who doesn't like Southern California or the beach. If you don't prefer some of the majors offered, then that's another indicator. Also, if you have trouble financially where you have no way no how to pay, I'd look elsewhere. If you prefer a more quiet campus that is more isolated and away from urbanization or you cannot drive. Also, living on campus can be a bit complicated since we have a larger incoming class, so if living situations become tricky, don't attempt on-campus living, apartment hunting is quite expensive


All kinds of people should attend this school


If you don't enjoy warm weather almost all-year-round, then Chapman (or any other school in southern California) may not be the best choice for you. It does get very cool at nighttime, though, so it obviously is not constant heat, but this is something to take into consideration. You should also be willing to step out of your comfort zone if you are a quiet person, as you will be around people all the time here.


Someone who is ambitious and willing to word hard should attent Chapman. Students who are interested in film should look at the Dodge College of Film because it is one of the best in California. Someone who is interested in great study abroad programs should attend Chapman.


I believe anyone can attend this school as long as you meet the academic requirements. Whether you are shy or outgoing, there is a way for you to fit in. There are a variety of groups to join that allow you to explore not only the campus, classes, and other students, but also allow you to explore yourself and what you want out of school and out of yourself.


A person that doesn't have the drive or motivation to work for what they want. This college is willing to open up many doors to the individual who is willing to do the work and spend the time. If you don't have motivation, more specifically self motivation, you are waisting your time and what you really should be doing is going back to comunity college to find somthing you love.


A person who does not want to be noticed in class or does not want to participate in class. Also, a person who wants a "raging", large campus would not fit in well at Chapman.


Anyone who is looking for a crazy party school or would prefer large lecture-style classes and not interacting closely with faculty.


Chapman university has numerous university locations across California, I attend the one in Modesto. This location has students that have previsously taken at least prior to attending this college. I would say that an indiivudal who really desires to work with the public.


If you are looking for a culturally/ethnically diverse community, this is not the place for you. Theere is no international diversity at Chapman. Also, if you want to focus on the fields of art (except dance -- the dance program here is great) I wouldn't suggest this school because it doesn't seem to appreciate the arts very much.


shy, person with social problems


Close-minded. Anyone who doesn't like the elements even a little bit (There is as least some snow on the ground for 5 or 6 months of the school year). If you feel trapped in a small town, then don't come to Hanover, because I can almost guarantee it's smaller. That said, I love the tiny town and the wonderful independent shops college-centric atmosphere. EVERYTHING is on campus.


The opposite of the answer above. Somebody who wants to go to a big school, with a lot of school spirit among the students.


Chapman has excellend programs in film, art, business, and music, but it is not really a school for "science" or "pre-med" majors.


If you can't get a lot of financial aid, you should find a cheaper school, because you'll be in debt forever.


A person who is obsessed with GIANT parties, and wants a campus where they don't recognize the same people on a day to day basis.


Lemmings and others who are just along for the ride and follow the crowd. Chapman contains too many of them already. If you have no opinions of your own, if you only follow trends, fads and opinions because others have them, don't come here. Also, if you're looking for a lot of athletic emphasis, Greek Houses off campus, big support for football, or inexpensive situations, Chapman isn't right for you.


Someone who comes to college for the fun, not the academics.


Anyone who is looking for a big party school with lots of school pride.


Anyone not interested in film, music, or communications


Someone who is looking for a huge social atmosphere but isn't willing to work to have one. If you're not willing to be involved in clubs, sororities/frats, sports, etc. on campus, then you proabbly won't have that large of a social life!


Someone who is looking for a school that is extremely challenging or competitive..


An extrememly conservative person or a person who wants to go to a big school.




Bio/engineering majors