Chapman University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The community is small enough to have school wide events almost everyday of the week. They're always having fun events.


The campus is absolutely beautiful, especially the film school. If you are considering this school, do yourself a favor and go check out the film school part of campus. It's all brand-new, gorgeous equipment and facilities.


The best thing about Chapman University is the atmosphere. Our campus has several compentents to give it the outstanding tone that I continue to fall in love with. The look of campus; from its green grass and it's palm trees, to it's four mesmorizing fountains, to our piece of the berlin wall, really captivates you as you stroll across campus. It is also centrally located in Olde Town Orange, a community that looks like it comes from a simpler time period. Lastly, the inviting nature of our student body creates a warm and friendly ambiance for Chapman.


The best thing about my school is perhaps the small class sizes which allow for a more discussion based type of instruction. In this way, teachers better communicate with the students and students are able to get the assistance that they need if they are unsure of a concept. The campus is also very beautiful and relatively compact which makes walks to class and other activities quite short.


I am not sure how other schools help their students deal with their stress during finals week, but Chapman does an amazing job. Our school provides us with many programs and activities to de-stress during finals week. 1. Furry Friends - puppies are brought to the campus so we can play with them one day 2. Midnight Breakfast - a breakfast feast is brought to our student union. Free food all night long! 3. Performances - many of our dance and singing groups have random performances all week 4. Free ice skating - this week we are invited to go ice skating for free in order to relax I think it is unique that Chapman tries so hard to make sure we are not to stressed out or worried during finals week. Yes, it is a big week, but it is also important we have fun and remember not to overload or move into the library!


Fountains, we have a million fountains on campus that we are allowed to go swim in.


The best thing about Chapman is the surrounding area. We are located right next to "The Circle" in Old Towne Orange. There are a lot of decently priced restaurants, shops, and places to hang out, including the new chicken and waffle venue. It's nice to have a place to go out to every once in a while to eat and catch up with friends. The Kogi Korean BBQ truck comes around every Thursday night. And DIsneyland, Angel Stadium, The Block of Orange, 2 malls, and a number of movies theaters are minutes away.


The best thing about my school is that they offer lots of scholarships and grants.


Personalized education and campus location


The best thing about Chapman is how helpful the administration and teachers are. They are there to make your college experience a great one. The faculty is amazing.


There is a lot of potential to get involved in your industry of choice, but you have to put the effort forth to involve yourself. The faculty or advisors won't drive you to do it.


The best thing about my school is its location - well, kinda. Chapman University is not specifically located in a very exciting town/city. However, it is close to many "attractions" if you will: the ocean, Los Angeles, the mountains, the desert, the canyons and foothills. Also, Chapman University has a very nice film school, which is the reason why I attend Chapman. Our facilities are top-notch as well as our resources with equipment and knowledgable minds. I have made wonderful connections while being at Chapman University.


I believe the best thing about Chapman University is its small community. Classroom sizes are small enough where each student can receive an equal amount of attention from their professor. On average a classroom size ranges from 20 to 30 people, allowing the students to obtain a better learning experience. I can easily seek the help of my professors because they are not so overwhelmed with the amount of students they must teach. This aspect of Chapman University is important to me in order to develop mentor relationships with certain teachers who can help me reach my future career.


Starting at a new school can be a terrifying thing. What I love about my school is from the moment I stepped on campus I felt welcomed not only by the administration but the student body as well. I immediately felt comfortable and in my element, which I believe is the best way to succeed in any environment.


The relationships you make and maintain with your peers and professors are life long connections.


Location. Being close to the beach and close to attractions like Disneyland, the Duckpond, and the Honda center provide a lot of entertainment...if you have the money.


The music department. I'm a music major who is passionate about singing. I am completely satisfied with the conservatory of music (the programs and the faculty). The only thing that could possibly keep me from staying in this school (and for choosing it all over again) is my unstable financial situation. Otherwise, I am completely in love with my school, and I would really regret having to transfer out because of financial instability.


the amount of quidance it offers the students by providing InsideTrack coaches. It helps make sure the students are focused in the right direction academically and provides a person that is easily accessible for questions about the school and the way it works.


accessibility to teachers/ small class sizes. Because you are held accountable for your education. Its hard to get lost in the mix.


The best thing is that my school is extremely diverse in many ways.


The best thing about my school is how laid back the atmosphere is. Chapman University is a liberal arts college, so we don't really have a great amount of intelligent but arrogant students. This is not to say that students at Chapman are not intelligent. Students just prefer to work together rather than against each other in order to enhance their futures.


The academic environment is very supportive and there are many people willing to hlep you with your course work as well as plan out your career paths. This is important because social support really improves a student's menatality and knowing that there are teachers and advisors that care and help you plan out what you want to do while in college and after you graduate is really motivating.