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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Hey self, grind it out and finish college before life takes off. I am now 31, married, and have two kids and still a junior in college. It doesn't get any easier and you aren't getting any younger. Take college seriously and put it behind you. College is a catalyst to success; that's not to say you cannot succeed without it, but there are more oppotunities for a college graduate. Also, I don't know if what you study is as important as it is just to finish and have a degree. Unless of course you plan to be a doctor then please follow the appropriate course. I have a friend who holds a meat science degree, but attained an upper level management position at a home builder. Please...whatever you, just finish!


So far I have recieved a great education. College has molded me into a very compitent individual. I pracitcally changed every aspect of my life from the way I consume my time to my perspective of life. It has been valuable to attend because now I look at the world in different eyes. Instead of seeing a normal book I see a loot of knowledge. It is also valuable to attend because after my years of at college I will look back and miss the days I used to sit in study groups figuring out random equations. So far it has been a great experiance and I cannot wait to see it through.


My experience with APU has been a positive one. Being able to communicate with people outside of my area has proven inlightening and educational on its own. The classes are challenging and informative, the teachers are well educated themselves and held to high level of comminucation with the students. My current level of experience in college has provided a better view on my work place practices and raised my skill with daily tasks. Being able to work full-time and attend school full-time is an oppurtunity I previously did not have.


Dear Lois, As a high school senior, you should make sure that your grades is nothing below a " C " This will in sure that you have at least a 2.5 GPA. Make sure that you take a graphic design class, art AP, and a photography class this year. My greatest tip to you this year is DON'T SLACK OFF!!!! I know hanging with your friends is great but, this is the most important year of your life! If needed I will help you with any problems concerning schooling. Above all, I wish you the best in everything you do. The thought of beauty school is a great choose but, I belive you should go to college first and get a degree in graphic or fashion design something you love the most. With this all being said filling out applications for scholarships and grants is a great step to get started! They will pay for school and help you through college, even if your already enrolled. Thats way I think applying for campus discovery is a great idea! There progream will help you out greatly but, like I said before if you need any help I am here.