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What kind of person should not attend Charleston Southern University?


There isn't any discrimation at the college I am attending. Everybody is welcome, but I will say that if you are ready to begin a journey then CSU is the right place for you.


I think that anyone can/should attend Charleston Southern University. It is a great school academically, and socially. I really have enjoyed my time here and do not regret my choice to attend Charleston Southern University. The faculty/staff here are extreamly knowlegable and personable. I know that i can go to my proffessors for help and I will get exactly what i need. The administration here is very good as well. There is always something going on at Charleston Southern University. I am very glad i chose to attend Charleston Southern University.


The kind of person shouldn't attend this school is the type of person who doesn't believe in the Lord above.


Someone who doesn't want to attend Chapel on a weekly basis, or that doesn't want to grow in their relationship with Christ. It will benefit them going to this school but to many athletes who simply go because of the money they're offered the religious aspect catches them off guard.


a non christian should not attend this school


Someone who is not dedicated to going to class (can easily fail a class by not showing up enough), offended by talk of Jesus Christ (Baptist School, of course) as you are required to take a religion course, dislike rooming with more than one person (chances of having 2 room mates instead of just 1 are great), and overall just dislike school and just up early for that morning class (8am) or waiting for that night class (6pm-11pm).


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is a person who is not serious about their education. A person who does not want to be successful in their career of interest should not think about coming to Charleston Southern University.


Not everyone is ment to go to school. People who have a hard time "book learning" are often better left to find a trade. I do not think that in order to do well in live you must go to school. Many pepole who do not have a college education have gone on with life and done very well. College is not for everyone!


An agnostic who doesn't really care about attending classes and who would party everyday of the week if they could