Charleston Southern University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As a senior I should have ran track and volunteered at several organizations. I noticed that the majority of college students are athletes. An athlete is another word for a free ride to college. Sure I was always told to get good grades. Where in truth becoming an athlete is where it is at. Don’t get me wrong, I want to be educated so that I can be aware if someone is trying to cheat me out of my money. But sadly, athletes get first dips at scholarships and internships. Dual credit is another opportunity I should have taken advantage of. That would have saved me money, but most importantly it would gave me a glimpse of what college work is actually like.


A small campus like this one is similar to high school, but in other ways it is extremely different. You are on your own. Which you knew you would be, choosing a school 13 hours away from home. You knew what you wanted and you went for it. I could not be more proud of the lady you have become this year. Leaving home at a young age is hard, but you've seemed to push past it with God's grace. Although you have matured, and learned to be independent there are some things you need to change. College work is not high school work. You cannot breeze through the work like its nothing, and you cannot view your social life higher than your academic life. Every freshman in college is thrown into real life so suddenly it almost always is a struggle for them. Freshman year is a learning year, just make sure you learn from your mistakes and continue to grow as a better person, Christian, and especially student. Your whole life is ahead of you, but it rests on the success of your college years. Make them worth it.


If i was given the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would prepare myself to embrace the changes. Embrace my personal and spiritual change and also the change that will take place around me. Many people tell you how many friends you are going to make when go to college, but very few warn you of how many you are going to lose. Throughtout the transition there are a few things that get lost, and some of your greatest friends could be one of those things. I would warm myself about living in a three person room and then confort myself by telling myself no matter how bad things get, they will get better so do not give up. Last but certainly not least i would be sure to tell myself not to take any 8am classes they are incredibly dreadful.


Go visit every college that you filled out an application for. Don't worry about being too far away from home. Never drop classes that seem boring. Make sure to keep in mind the requirements to renew your scholarship! Live and work on campus if you need to. Don't get a job off campus because it may become more important than school. If at all possible, don't work at all, stay focused on your school work. And don't forget to make lots of friends!


Knowing what I know now about college, I would have prepared myself much more. I was a Honor Student who not only took honor classes, but also college courses while in high school. I was excited about going to college, but I failed to do well on the SAT and ACT, causing me a lot of scholarships. I didn't fail, because I didn't care, or thought I was too good, but I was ashamed to admit that I could write a great essay that would capture people and comprehend the understanding of literature only when I felted comfort and not pressure. Being in a family where I was always seen as the one to succeed and do better, I never wanted to admit that I couldn't comprehend everything I read. It took me multiple times to read a passage and understand that. Know I am struggling to pay some of my tuition out of pocket, which isn't easy being a full timed college, and trying to help with the bills of your single, unemployed mother. Most definitely now, I am not ashamed to say that I need help, because college work required a lot of comprehending.


I would tell a high school senior to plan ahead. Start looking extensivly for colleges immediatly. Look for specifics, and dont be afraid to call up the school to ask questions about anything and everything you have a question for. Look for exactly what you want, because you will possibly be there for the next 4 years of your life. Your education is important, and deserves a great school to further it. Choose wisely, and dont make a hasty decision, make a good decision. And most of all, enjoy your time at College, study hard and persevere through the hard classes. Make it count!


Apply for more scholarships in high school. Get better grades and scores.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to learn good study skills. This advice would help me to study better, because in high school I didn't really have to study. In college you have to study, you can't just get by without stuyding. So, if I already possessed good study skills coming out of high school it would really benefit me as a college student.


As a college freshman, I have recently discovered the challenges of college. College is completely different than the previous twelve years of school that I've attended in the way that the work load and stress level have significantly increased. So far out of my college experience, I have discovered the extreme importance in studying everyday and to refrain from any sort of procrastination. To me, college is valuable to attend because it is a requirement to become a doctor, which is what I plan to become. College is also valuable because it offers new and rewarding opportunities to its students that they can carry with them forever.


Out of my college experience I've learned to make friends, be dependable, to do my work, and to have fun too. All these tools are valuable to life outside of school. Making friends helps because no matter what happens I'll always need people to live in this world. Being dependable speaks for it's self but I learned it from the way my professors would expect me to have certain assignments and wouldn't tell me that I needed it until after it was due, which was too late. Having fun and doing what I need to do is all part of not stressing myself out and also not having tooo much fun. This came from me needing to get off campus somtimes and take my mind off of school. I think it's been valuable for me to attend college because it taught me the traits I've just descibed and it gives me a taste of what the real world is going to be like without me experiencing it all the way yet.


The real question is what haven't I gotten out of my experience at this school. Since attending CSU in the fall of 2009 I've not only become engaged, and made wonderful life long friends but I've found my relationship with Christ. I applied to this school in hopes that I would be surrounding myself with others who wanted the same things. Much to my surprise, God was everywhere on that campus I just had to make sure I was looking for him. The church took me in, sent me on a mission trip, and has loved me since day one. Not to mention that I've gone from once being in special ed classes where I focused on my ability to read to now making deans list twice in a row! I'm a very blessed girl and I thank all the people at that school who accepted me and stood by me.


i have attained many social skills from school and it has been a valuable experience because its an investment


My college experience has helped me grow both academically and socially. Being in college has helped me become more independant and motivated and I have learned how to study efficiently and manage my time better than I ever have before. Also, I have learned that i have to work to achieve what I want in life. College is all about independancy and being driven to aquire success and I believe that it is important for someone to really want a career if he/she chooses to be in college. I have found value in attending college because it has enriched my life with higher knowledge and the ability to reason better. College has helped me realize faults in myself that needed to be corrected and also encouraged me to pursue my career path further than i had intended.


I have discovered that I must not make decisions so quickly. I was attracted to Charleston Southern only because of the location, but being farther away from home, I have realized what is most valuable to me and I now strive to attain that sense of peace and sensibility here. I now know what matters most to me.


so far ive gotten new friends a whole lot smarter and new learning techniques


Attending college has given me the focus and knowledge that I needed to further my career opportunities and exposed me to new intrests and forms of socialization. I have met new and interesting contacts in several career fields that are able to provide valuable insight for future goals.


If I could go back in time and appear to lecture myself during senior year, I will explain all the main issues. Referring to college location, landscape, activities, classes, professors, cost of books and most of all tuition. I would acknowledge that I should do more research before attending any college , also make notice of all tuiton rates. Another that must be said, never make a quick last minute decision because the college of your choice did not reach you soon enough but eventually will. To avoid paying a lot or any for college you must apply for grants and scholarships. Last but not least, once you get there take school seriously, don't play around, study and complete all assignments.


High school was a very fun experience but there are a few things I would change if I could go back in time. I would have worked harder my junior year to make honor roll, so I could have more options for college. I would have also been more involved with student activities. For example, I would have chosen to be in the Senior Women club and ran for student counsel. Since it was my senior year my attendance could have been better and If I would have focused on that I would have made it into the National Honor Society. Although I made mistakes in high school, my college career is going much better. Looking at where I stand now in college, I would tell myself to be more motivated to pass my AP exams and to be involved with different clubs and student counsel. I would also tell myself to study more and work harder to make honor roll.


Go to school ASAP and stay in school until you finish. I would also say don't take a break because it sets you back. I would say get a summer job and save as much money as possible because you will need it. Also I would say take as many college courses offered at my highschool or that or available to high school student throughout the communtiy as possible. I would say keep taking the SAT's and do as well as humanly possible! There is always room for improvement.


Advice I would give to myself is to choose carefully and pay attention to details. Choose your major wisely because it is a waste of time and money to change your major half way through your first year or so. Read the small print and long paragraphs completely to make sure you understand what is require of you to graduate and be able to apply to that program. Also develop some nice time management and study skills, such as reading ahead, completing assignments early, and making note cards. And lastly be ready to work hard and stay focus to make good grades to stay in your program/major.


Study more prior to the test date, and complete all assignments that are due when they are due by.


I would have challenged myself to be serious about this life changing decision. Make sure you know that life is a learning process and that choosing a college can make a huge difference in changing your mindset.


My name is Sabreena McCoy and I have some tips for students trying to find the right college for them and to make the most of their college experience. Tip number one is that you should look for a college that not only offers your major but has great programs for it. There?s nothing worse than going to a college that cannot help you expand in your major. The second tip is to look at the environment that the college has. Look to see if the college matches your personality. If you're a quiet person and like to keep to yourself, than a small, private college is for you. If you are a big social person that doesn?t mind meeting new people everyday then a traditional college campus is for you. Tip three is location. Rather your goal is to be as far away from home as possible or to stay close location is a big key in choosing the right college. These tips can guide you into finding the right college and will ensure the most of your college experience. Finding the right college may make you feel right at home with your new surroundings.


Do as many activties as you can!


When choosing a college, you want to make sure that it fits your criteria in all ways necessary. If you are very close to your parents and dread going away to college, you may want to choose a college thats close to home. But if you are someone who likes to get out and experience your sense of independence, then you may want to try a 4-year institution away from your family. College is fun, but also alot of hard work. You do not have anyone holding your hand or giving you the answers, but you have professors that want you to think critically and find answers on your own. Budgeting your money is a major step when attending college. Spending money on unnecessary things will leave you in a very uncomfortable position and searching for ways to get out. Meeting new people and trying new things will definitely make you feel more at home and at ease. Going out to parties is always alot of fun, but always remember the rules of the highway. The college life is amazing and challenging at the same time and it is up to you to make your parents proud.


When finding the right college make sure you comfortable with the size of the school and the classed. Also make sure the school has your major. If you like sports you may want to choose a school that has sports. View the dorms or make sure where you are living is comfortable. You may also want to check the places where you can study like the library and lounges. Also make sure the school is and check how much finacial aid you will be offered for attending the school. While attending college make sure you get involved in the campus activites and meet new people. Also make use of a planner or calandar so you will know how to manage you time. As a student you should also study a little at a time so you want have to study a lot of material the night before the test.


Ask the student what do they want to do as a career.


I would say to parents that they should make sure that the school their child attends is one which affords them a chance to learn in a comfortable environment.


make sure you visit the school and know the policies before you decide where you want to go.


Students should choose colleges that greatly specialize in their career goals. They should also be sure to plan their finances very carefully. Always aim at making the best grades possible. Freshmans should remember that their first year of college is probably the most important year. It can make you or break you. Students shoudn't be afraid to try new classes. You may not find what career you really want to engage in until you take some of the courses. Once the students are attending their college, parents should back away some. They need to let the student take on as much responsibility as possible. This will be a great learning experience for the student and it will be very beneficial for them in the long run.


The advice that i would give to most parents would be to please let your student choose where they want to go. Making a student go to a school that they dont want to is not the right choice. Why? It is so difficult to transfer from one school to the next , transfering puts a student behind and its horrible to work hard in a class to then transfer and find out that the class didnt transfer over. To students i would say...go where YOU want to go not where your friends are going. I'm at CSU because its close to home, i made the wrong choice by doing that. Why? I thought that in choosing CSU i would be happy but found out that i am not because CSU was not my first choice and even though i got accepted into other schools i went were it was closer to home. Dont be afraid to experience...its part of the college experience, if you dont go away you are never going to get that experience and unfortunately i learned that this past year.


The best advice that I could give to help students and parents with their college decision and make the most of thier experience would be to find somewhere that really fits your passion. Its important to discover what you are passionate about, what is it that inspires you and follow it. If the area of study that you choose to pursue is not something that you could dedicate the rest of your life, or at least a significant portion of it to, then chances are you will do poorly and be more likely to miss class, become depressed or stressed, and suffer from a general apathy towards studies. If you are struggling to find that "something" that makes you tick, try not to worry. To start your first semester as undecided will not keep you from graduating on time, however, if you still do not have any idea after the first year the best thing to do is take some time off. Try working at a trade or pick a full time job that you can stick with for at least a semester and then go back to school when you have a clearer idea of what to study.


The advice that I would give a student or parent about finding the right college will be do research. Make a surprise visit to the school. If a school know you are coming they will try their best to make the campus seem more than it really is. To make most of the college experience would be to stay focus. Do not let anybody or anything get in the way of getting your education. Also, choose your friends wisely and just enjoy it. Learn to balance your school work and having fun.


I would tell them to visit all the schools they are interested in (even those they are not) and do not be afraid to ask questions.


The advice that I would give to those looking for the best college experience is to research. Don't just research it from the internet or magazines but find a social college network on the internet and ask actual people that attend the college how their experience is. Find a college that you can deal with and that will allow you to focus on your work and have a social life. Think of your needed balance between the outside world and books and find a suitable college from this perspective. Visit the college. Visit the college on the weekend and during the week. Interact with some of the college students and professors while you're visiting. Go to the cafeteria on a random day and see how the food is. Look at the living arrangements and see if you can stay there for four years. Make a list of everything you would like in a school and narrow it down.


Apply to many, giving yourself options. Get involved even if you do not feel like it.


I think ultimately it should be the studen't choice where he or she decides to further their education. After all, our entire lives before college are decided for us. Also, a small school just doesn't give the full college experience society portrays. I attend a very narrow-minded school (Southern Baptist) and I know that for me it was not the right choice to make. My parents decided it would be a great school, however I haven't enjoyed myself. A school that has a plethora of diversity and acceptance of new ideas would be a much more suitable college I think for any student, simply because at a school with cultural/spiritual/etc. diversity will foster a true development in a student. In other words, a student could reach their true full potential somewhere where the sky really is the limit. My advice boils down to this: FIND A SCHOOL WHERE YOU KNOW PEOPLE'S GOALS AND INTERESTS PARALLEL YOUR OWN!! We are the future, and therefore we should have control of our futures.


We are all called to different schools. Big ones, little ones, ones on the beach, or ones where is it cold, but in order to grow and be happy we have to pick the school that best fits us! College is so much more than just class and the oppertunity to be out of your parents home, college is the place where you learn more then just "classroom knowledge". We learn who we are, how to live with other types of peope, and many other daily life lessons. So when you are picking a school for your self or child, think about the needs that need to be met and then find the school that you beleive with do just that. Finding a school should not be done over night. Both time and prayer need to be put into where you go to school!


I really don't have a clue. Any coleege is going to give you the experience that you need to grow and learn and to become socialable. Happiness is what you make it. It can be very bad or it could be the best time of your life. It's what you decide you want to make it.


When deciding a school of choice for parents would be can my child survive a big campus where they will just be a number but that school probably has a good alumni and great sports teams. if you chil dcan party and be a good student then bigger schools might be better. For a smaller school you get more hands on one on one even though the sports teams may not be be as good trying to find a mid line school is probably your best bet. For students i would say to find a school that is in your person interest and that you know will help you find the career you want.


My advice on finding the right college is to look at what matters most to you. Do not just pick a college based on how it looks, or the parties they throw. Make sure the college offers everything you would want to participate in because in the end, you will be paying dearly for an experience you are not happy with.


I would let students and parents know that there are so many choices out there for college. All of them have both positives and negatives to them. Visiting the campus will really help you get an idea about the environment of the college. The area has a lot to do with it because if you are used to a small town, moving to a big town or vice versa might create some difficulties. You also need to factor in the distance from your home, if you are used to always being around family, moving 6 hours away might not be a good choice. Looking at the school's academic offerings is also very important, you want to make sure they have your major and classes that you will want to take. Religion sometimes plays a factor for some people. Another suggestion is choose the college that you want to go to, not the one your friends, boyfriend, family, etc want you to go to. You have to choose the one that best suites you. When visiting colleges, look around and ask yourself if you can see yourself there? Take time and think about what will benefit you the best!


Finding the right college can only be done if you go and visit the school. If you just look at pictures and things like that you will never know if the pictures are real. My advice would be to go to the school take a tour meet people that go to that school to get the feel for it. To get the most out of college I would say join clubs and do activities. At CSU there are a lot of different things to do, there's FCA, Elevate, and then clubs. Theres a lot of things to do including going to sporting events to feel like that is your school. Living at school, I would say meet as many people as possible. At CSU at the start of each year, there are a lot of activities to do to meet other people.


Parents shouldnt pass their alma mata on their children. Parents should let thier children decide what school is best for them. Not saying that the parent should be completely excluded they parent should help the child get the background info on schools that they are interested in. If the child doesnt like the school/environment that they are in, they more then likely will not reach their maximum potential in their school work. For students they should choose a school that is unique to their particular situation. Students should research and visits schools to get a feel for its atmosphere. Students should not attend a school that they know nothing about just because most of thier good friends are going. The most important things to me about college is furthering education and getting out and meeting new people this somewhat gives the student an idea of thier ability to make friends, and it also tests their self-efficacy. In order to make the most of college the student should meet as many people as possible and excel to the best of the students abilities in academics.