Chatham University Top Questions

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I truly believe that Chatham is unique compared to other schools I considered because Chatham makes each student feel like an individual. Students are able to feel seperated from other students. At chatham each student has a name and face.


My school is all about the education and impowerment for women. It is a World Ready Women's college built to create strong minded, intelligent, and powerful women that's going to make a change in the world.


Chatham University staff, faculty, and students are very open to people of all different backgrounds. Everyone is very excepting, and you someone is not, people will make sure they learn to be open to others.


My school is unique to any other schools in pittsburgh because it is an all women college. Also we are a green campus, and do many things that help sustain or enviornment.


The school itself is a small, intimate atmosphere. Known as the "Chatham bubble", the University offers individualized attention that allows each student to recieve one-on-one attention from each of their professors. Whether it is meeting with a professor in their office or at the coffee shop, each professor engages themselves in helping us become "world ready women".