Chatham University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


You should not attend Chatham University if you are not a hard working passionate individual willing to try their best every day and make every moment count.


A person who wants to attend a large school and does not get the one on one with their professors


Someone who isn't serious about school.


Close-minded people should never attend this school. Chatham University preaches diversity and acceptance of others regardless of who they are. Someone who is bigoted in any way will actually be shunned by the student body for their ignorance.


Someone who is not driven to succeed should not attend this school.


People who are not open to diversity and change should not attend this school. Also students that are just looking to party and not focus on their grades should not attend this school.


smoeone that likes large classes with little teacher student interaction


People who are financially struggling shoudn't even consider going to Chatham University. Also peole who are not mostly upbeat, possitive, or active. People who are anti-social may not want to consider Chatham since this university is always involved in something social. People who don't enjoy nature, are enviromental, and believe in empowering women shouldn't attend.


You should not attend Chatham if you are not open-minded about different ways of life.


A person who doesn't have a clue about where she is headed,no focus and have no particular goals in mind should not attend this school.


A person who wants to succeed, driven, and knows exactly what they want out of life


Someone who is conservative, looking to meet a boyfriend or husband, studious, or looking for a strong social life isn't fit for this school. Chatham offers few extra-curricular activities and students tend to get more involved off-campus than on campus. Also, the classes aren't very challenging--many of us feel as though we're in for four more years of high school here at Chatham. Many of the students here are homosexual and this is widely accepted, which makes many heterosexual people feel out of place.


A person who needs to be involved in many activites which are heavily affiliated with organizations outside the campus


A homophobic or racial person should not attend this school.