Chatham University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


My questions were answered throughout the process of applying for this school. I was able to attend several events to learn about the school and the programs they offered. I would advise propspective students to visit the school and take a tour of the beautiful campus. Students, teachers and administrators were more than willing to answer all my questions and continue to do so.


I wish I would have known about all of the mandatory classes that undergrads have to complete.


I wish I had known how many general education classes I needed so that i could have taken more college in the highschool classes.


I would of liked to know how big the work load is here, sometimes it's hard to handle.


I wish had my major planned out. I also wish I lived on campus.


I wish I would have known that your GPA counts your freshman year of high school and that AP classes were very useful for college. I took honors classes and still tried hard, but I know I could have pushed myself even further. Although I played three sports in high school, I wish I knew the exact cost of college. Now I wish I would have gotten a weekend job at least during high school.


I wish I'd known that getting into the very best college is not all you need. You can make any college the 'best' college for you if you really want to.


What to bring and how much money to set aside for certain things.


That adjusting to college life was going to be harder than I expected


That there was such a large gay population and there is pressure to be gay.




I transferred to this school from a community college. I wish i had known that school could actually be fun and interactive. I always loved to work rather than go to school because I felt like I was learning as I did my job. While being a Chatham I have learned that you can actually have a class room setting but also feel like you are learning the real-world applications of the things being taught.


I wish I would have known what I wanted to major in before I came here. There are so many good classes I missed out on in Freshman and Sophomore year.


I wish I had known that the organizations on campus aren't very strong and not many students participate. I also wish I had known that Chatham has a limit to the amount of scholarship you can receive to go to their school, so everyone has to pay their astronomical tuition. I also wish I had known that there is no cable TV in the dorms and there is no student union--so don't expect to feel very connected to the outside world, or to others on campus for that matter.