Chattahoochee Technical College Top Questions

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The staff actually care about the students, and they answer all your questions in a very nice way. Many friends of mine attending other schools hate asking questions to their school's staff because it seems as if they don't want to answer their questions. I am very thankful that Chattahoochee's staff is very helpful because I have questions all the time.


I wouldn't necessarily say that Chattahoochee Tech is unique compared to other colleges, but I could probably say that it is different in its functinality. Given that Chat Tech is a technical college, it's different because its programs are spread out, having each campus focus on specific programs. Having program-specific campuses however, may not be ideal for some. I believe that Chattahoochee Tech is a good college in some aspects, but given that its programs are campus-specific, I recommend this school only to those close enough to the campus that provides their desired program of choice.