Chattahoochee Technical College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I don't brag about my school. In fact, I intend to transfer colleges before the summer ends. To be honest, I find little about Chattahoochee Tech worth bragging about. In fact, I would actually try to deter people from attending. The only thing I could probably praise Chatt Tech about is the projected low tutition cost depending on your program, but otherwise, there's nothing particularly bad or good about the school. Personally, however, one occuring problem I've faced a few times is misinformation or lost documents at the Marietta, GA campus financial aid and student help desks.


It is cost efficient! Because there are fewer fees that are lower cost than the local four year universities, the cost of attending my school is cheaper.


When I talk to my friends, I will brag about the most is the experience I gain at my school. I would tell them that they should go to this school because everything is there that you passably need. Especaily their nursing progam, since majority of my friends are applying for the nursing field. Majority of the students I meet at Chattahoochee are nursing majors. I would also mention to them about a scholarship that help to go to school which a definite guaranteed.


It is very flexible is so many ways. There are multiple programs of study to choose from. Also, Chattahoochee has recently merged with two smaller technical colleges, so now they have multiple campuses to suit the needs of students all over Atlanta and North Georgia. Students also have the option of attending multiple campuses at one time. If a class is not offered at the campus you are acustomed to, you can easily enroll for a class on a different campus.