Chattahoochee Technical College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


My school as of right now is amazing. All the staff are very helpful, and they answer all your questions. Even though it's a community college, it has to be one of the best colleges around. So that being said, I cannot write about anything being frustrating.


The most frustrating trait of my school used to be its lack of student activities, and a huge percentage of older students, which outweighed the younger students. Another annoyance was its lack of classes towards nursing and other technical professions, but now since it has merged with North Metro Technical College and Appalachian Technical college, there are a lot more classes and campuses. There is also a bigger student base with more diverse people. The only fault I can think of now is how small and quaint my campus looks, and how service around the school can be slow.


Not receiving Financial Aid funds until well into the quater.


To tell the truth, the parking. The campus that I attend in Acworth, Georgia added a new building last year. It is FAR away from the main campus, too far to park on the main campus and walk to the new building. To add to it, they didnt add a parking lot when they added a new building. There are only a few spots to park in. Everyone has to park on the side of the road just to attend class.