Chemeketa Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?




The worst thing about Chemeketa is, the classes are not guaranteed. If enough people don't sign up for a class it will get dropped. This has only effected once during my two year stay at Chemeketa but it did mess up my schedule. They have some main classes that always fill up, but the electives sometimes don't. I enrolled in one class and only found out it was dropped a week into the class. I couldn't transfer into the other equivalent class because that class ended up being full.


There is nothing wrong with my school, but i would like to move on to a school that majors in my field.


The worst thing about my school is that beacuase it is smaller there are less classes to choose from.


The worse thing about my school would be the size. Though its small size offers a good teaching/ learning environment it also limits what courses can be offered. It offers a modest amount of classes but there is always something else that io would like to take that isnt offered and, most likely wouldnt be offered because of a lack of budget.


To be honest, the worst thing about my school is the parking situation. We have over 10,000 students attending Chemeketa yet we don't even have 1,000 parking spots to spare. There was once a time I could not attend class because I could not find a place for my car, and that is truly upsetting, especially if I am paying to attend class.


Not taken as seriously as other colleges, and some classes dumbed down for others.


Chemeketa Community College is a great starter school but for my feild of work they don't have enough advanced classes to stay for the full two years. Instead the school only has enough science classes for me to stay one year and then transfer to a four year college the next year. The other thing I dislike about Chemeketa is that there is alot of smokers. When I leave the building there is always people sitting outside smoking and second hand smoke is quite unhealthy. I hope the four year college I attend after Chemeketa has minimal smokers.