Chemeketa Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who had a tough time in high school or did not recieve satisfactory grades for universities. It's also great for a transfering student or any that have financial difficulties.


Someone who is unsure of their future in the career world. Someone who wants to further their education, but does not have the money to attend a four year university. This is a great college for those that want a start in the college education path, but just aren't sure of who they are as a person or as in determining their career path.


Anybody, But this school is great for a career in the health feild, mainly EMT/Fire Fighting. It's a great place for student to get there prerecks done and transfer


I believe that any person can attend this school. It has wonderful instructors that care about its students. Chemeketa is a very diverse school and it has so many different types of social clubs that anyone can join if they would like to. Chemeketa is a small campus and has as much as 4600 students so each person gets the one on one that they would need if struggling with their course.


anyone that has the desire to get a better education and really likes one on one with their professors.


With the wide variety of classes, programs and transfer degrees Chemeketa is a great choice for anyone, at any age choosing to start their educational career. As with other community colleges, the cost to start that investment is much less then a private or public 4 year college or university. The best part of attending Chemeketa is the diversity that you will encounter; new high school graduates, single and working parents, a medley of ethnics, and a wide range of age groups.


The person attending this school probably has the desire to further their education without spending the large amount of money it would take to do so at a state or private university. They would know that student loans can be difficult to pay off and the less you have to take, the quicker they will go away. Those who attend this school want the most 'bang for their buck', and may transfer to a university later.