Chemeketa Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think someone who is wanting a big title school should avoid this. It's a community college and is usually looked down on because it's just a 2 year. It's great for transfering students though. I don't think someone looking for a group of friends or parties because the students mostly focus on themselves.


This campus does not exemplify the common expectation of a college life. There are no on-campus dorms or sororities, and sports are not a high priority. With a high population of the students being working independent adults with families, the internal college culture is not as strong as it may be in other colleges where the students ages and life stage maybe more in-sync.


Students who want to have the social "college experience" that comes with a state school won't find it as much at a community college. There are student dorms, but many students live off campus. There is also a higher percentage of people (including myself) who are not exactly fresh from high school and have other responsibilities like a job or family. If that sounds lame, then this school might not be for you.