Chemeketa Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Chemeketa is dealing with the financial aid. They are so slow. If you need to talk to them in the beginning of the term, be ready to stand in line up to three hours. After you give them your application they will take three to five months to respond. If you already know you are going to go to Chemeketa, apply earlier. If you do the wait actually isn't that bad but if you procrastinate, prepare to wait.


There are alot of smokers that gather around the outside doors of most buildings. This is has become a school issue but I'm not sure that any action is set to take place yet. There are alot of mixed aged groups at this community college and many of them are the middle-aged are smokers, so in class it is hard to concentrate when they reek of cigaret smoke.


The most frustrating thing about school is homework. all the classes homework put together is a real struggle and turning in everthing on time. you need to be organized to keep up with everything going on. Making time to do your homework especially if you work and have a family to attend to is another one of my struggles. i am very bad at math so i have to struggle to pass my class.


Nothing its very nice and clean with small classes


The most frustrating thing about my school is not having enough night and online classes. I have to work and attend school at night or on line right now and it is hard to get in the classes becuase they fill very quickly.