Chemeketa Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I feel privilaged to attend Chemeketa Community College as I am able to receive awarding and challenging teaching for much less than a 4-year college. The most awarding aspect of attending Chemeketa is the wide variety of people I come in contact with. In my history class I sit next to an 84-year-old woman who brings so much more depth to the class for me. Also, in another class the variety of life backgrounds is so diverse it really makes discussions bloom with different outlooks. The atmosphere as well as the teaching has molded me.


The best thing i like about my curent school is the small teaching environment. There are class rooms with, at most, 45 students. In this type of environment you get a better chance of one on one time with you instuctor. This allows for a better understaning of the subeject and a better relationship with the teacher.


I think that Chemeketa is s good school for people who want to get a decent job by getting an associates degree. Also for those who want a bachelors. Chemeketa is more affordable than a four year college so by going to this school and then transferring to a four year college will save students money.