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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and speak with myself as a high school senior I would advise my self to start off college strong and maintain focus. I would encourage myself to put all effort into my schooling, and remember that these four years are going to be the best four years of your life. I know that as a senior in high school four years seems like forever, but they fly by so fast. Don't stress so much about the past and focus on the present. You will meet your closest friends during college and your life will ultimately change. These next four years will be the beginning to determine where you end up in life and as a career. Choose a major that you enjoy and that their is a demand for within the workforce. Do not be afraid to seek help when needed, and remember you can overcome any obstacle.


Should I be back in the early eighties, there are many things I would tell myself pertaining to school. The first would be to hold onto your integrity with all your strength. There will e temptations to do the wrong things, such as drugs, cheating and lying. The thing about integrity is it is like virginity, once it’s gone, you don’t get it back. Next I would tell myself that no matter how tired you are, don’t miss class. Just like there is no substitute for experience, there is no substitute for being in the classroom. That is really where education and learning happens. Not just academically, but you also will learn socially from interacting with your fellow students. And last but not least, keep up every single day. It’s the only way to keep from things snowballing and becoming overwhelming. Also, make friends with the people that are different.. Don’t worry about parties; they are not why you are there. There will be plenty of parties after you graduate. Do the things that will make your parents proud, even though they are not there telling you what to do. Explore. Be who you are.


The advice i would give myself as a senior would consit of a one certain thing. I would tell myself to think carefully about every decision you make because every decision has a result or a consequence. As a senior i wasnt very happy about going to school and didnt necessarily think about how my grades would effect me from highschool to college. I didnt make horrible grades, but if i was to of studied more and taken it more seriously i would of made all A's. When i had my daughter i realized that starting college would be my best option to gaurentee a better life for her. So now as i am one year into college, i am making the grades i wished i would of made in highschool. Of course now my priorities have changed from only thinking of myself to now supporting my child. I realize now that in highschool my decision to not study or even pay attention in class was affecting my grade and how different colleges would view me. But on the bright side of things i grew up and am now making better decisions for myself and my daughter.


The premise of going back in time and talking to myself as a high school senior about college and what I know about it now, reminds me of the title of a Rod Stewart song-“ I wish that I knew then, what I know now, when I was younger.” If I could, go back and give myself advice, I would tell myself that it’s easier to make the transition when you’re young and still in a school/study mode. Also, when you think about it two or four more years of school after going twelve years, especially weighing the benefits, is a small price to pay for assuring yourself a rewarding career. Even if you end up going in another direction or doing something else as a career you will always have your education to fall back on. An education is something you can continue and take in any direction you want. And the beautiful thing about it is nothing or no one can ever take it away from you! Another aspect that is an unavoidable consideration is the cost of furthering your education. Tuitions are astronomically more than they were when I graduated from high school.


I would tell my myself to make the best out of the 2 yr school, richard bland. I move for ward to 4 yr college. Do a well as you can, mke good grades. Education is important. Do not get caught up in the politics of trade schools. Enjoy life


Knowing what I know now, I would warn myself of the great consequences of dropping out. I was young and unfocused, I would definetly prepare myself that waiting until you are older to join school while maintaining a home and children is so much more complex. Stress how important it is to realize that there is more to life than worrying about the opposite sex and running around playing. Take your life seriously, for tomorrow is not promised.


If I could go back in time I would say I turned out to be a strong person. In high school I was an A student who always strive to do her best. It all started my senior year when I had got pregnant with my son. I thought that my life would be ruined, but I held my head up high and did my best. I graduated top of my class with a 3.0 and with honors. That made me proud of myself I knew it was one step away from success. So then my next step was college. When college time started it was time to have my son. I was very upset but my mom told me I would be okay and never give up. So I went through had my son and worked. I had always thought of being a lawyer, teacher, and pharmacy tech. down the road I change my mind to become a Medical Assistant to make a better life for my son and I. I really love the Medical assistant program. I love my life and how it’s becoming. Positive attitude is the key.


Dear Niki, I wish I could make this easier for you , or have some exceptionally wise advice but I do not. I know that in the past, things have often come easy for you, but I implore you not to take college so lightly. Understand that in college your attendance, class participation, test grades, and study skills will hold you accountable for your entire time there. The job and the things you choose to do in the future with your college education, will also refer back to all those things as well. With that being said, never be afraid to go after the things you want, even if you think they will be to hard, or to much work. I know that you are capable of great things. Please remember the advice I have given, and you will have a full and happy life.


Knowing what you know about college and making the transition what advice would you give yourself?If time could be turned back to Middle School, that is where I made my big mistake .I quit school because I thought being sixteen going on seventeen was a bit too much to be sitting back in ninth grade .Please do not quit school because ‘’A mind Is A Terrible Material to waste “ .Now sitting back thinking about things .If I had listened to my Mother ,My Teacher and myself . I would have graduated with my classmates. It would have been great to walk across the stage to my name being called Terry Barner ‘’ Really, I can see it just as plain as day .I could have already been to college and could be working in good up scale Doctor Office making money doing what I Love to do, being a Medical Assistant. Every year I would take a refresher course in the Medical Field until I have enough credentials to teach a college doing what I love. I would tell myself “Do Not Quit School”. I could be a Professor teaching school in North Carolina, loving it to the fullest


If I could go back into time, back to when I was in high school, college would be a little easier for me. In my high school, many teachers spoiled students and did not give us much responsibility. If I could, I would have taken the initiative to do more than what was expected. In my late junior year through my senior year, I would apply to colleges and make sure I was practicing good study habits. Good study habits help make chapters and assignments clearer and easier to understand. I would also take everything and every class assignment seriously. My goal is to become a pediatrician. There were many classes I was not aware I could have taken to lead me on the right road to reach my goal. I would take all the courses to at least have a certificate to add to my resume. Since I was not working a lot during high school, I would have took my leisure time to volunteer at a hospital or somewhere in the healthcare field. I have learned now, many jobs look at volunteering as a plus and it shows a positive side of you.


September 26, 2011 Dear Holly Wright, This is a letter from your future self. Holly, I have learned college is not as scary as your teachers make it out to be. The transition to college was not a hard thing to do. It was hard to get your parents on board with the idea. They did not like you going, I think because they did not want to see you grow up. You will get there, just believe in yourself. You have the courage and drive to do this. You have it, and I know because I was in your shoes at one point in time. I know you have the drive, the courage, and the talent to do anything. You have nothing in your way. Holly, you are going to college. I have courage and trust in you to do the right thing, to better yourself for the long run. You will love this in the end, trust me. College is easy and fun to do. They will help with any questions you will have.. You have the courage and strength to do it, I know you can. Signed, Holly Wright


If I can go back in time to a senior in highschool I wished i would have pushed myself harder than I did so i could have went to a University. I would of told myself that if i could get all A's in school instead of B's and C's I would get offered scholarships and it would help me pay for college. Now that i know how important college is I know my parents would of been really proud of me cause not only will I be the only one in my family to go to a college I would have been the first to be in a Unversity.


Dear High School Self: You have sprayed yet another gasping cloud of hairspray on your already teased and tormented hair. The blue eye-shadow has been applied, and the Keds are brilliantly white. You’re ready for an evening of fun at the Skating Rink. You think you know what your life is going to be like. You have it all planned out in your head. There are a few things you need to know: Have fun! Make those mistakes! Hit those bumps in the road! Without each and every one of them, you will not become the person you are today. Nearly twenty years later, you are not only back in the classroom, but you are a confident, centered, responsible woman with the genuine support of your husband and family behind you. From where I stand, there is nothing to advise you on. You will live life. You will laugh and love. You will have heartbreaks and triumphs. Stress and relief will come to you. Without those turns and twists, it isn’t growing. You are going to do what you want, and you are going to do well. Keep it all the same. Have fun. Enjoy! Live it!


Being in college is not as hard as I thought it would be. As long as you study and do your best, then you will be okay. You get to meet a lot of new people which can help to develop study groups. Going back to school is a great feeling. It really helps your self-esteem and makes you feel better about yourself. You just have to know what you want to do then do it. What you learn in school will last you a lifetime and will be very rewarding. Do not stress too much. Just take a deep breath, relax, and watch your dreams become reality.


Dear LaQuinta, This year is you last year of high school and you accomplished so much. You must now prepare yourself for this major road ahead of you. This journey that your about to partake in is full of hard work, determination and strong desire for a better education. Knowing you want to strive for the best and never stop, this is your time to induce and welcome your new beginning. College is a place to start your career and further your education. As an adult you must pledge to stay focused and always persevere no matter how difficult thing get. While in college, ponder your thoughts because you will be entering a whole new world of opportunities and obstacles. This will only help you prove your strength as well as your constant self-reliance and ability to make it to the top. Assent to aspire, however this will not be easy but the reward of your actions and decoction is much more than happiness, knowing that you did what you needed to maintain your responsibilities and also expand your state of thinking and learning. From here on out this is your time and you are now rewarded with success.


Jessica Rosier Sept 26, 2011 There are so many things I would tell my self then about information I know now. The first thing I would tell myself that I would push myself three times harder towards my senior grades an start filling out for college scholarship an remind my self that grades are the most important while filling out application for the college. Another thing I would say to my self is stay motivated towards the goals you have set for yourself. The most important thing is to never let negative people or things block your dreams and down talk you in telling you that you can not achieve what you want to do in life. It is your life and you have to live it. You may think it is hard now, but I am here to tell you your senior year will get better, just do not give up. It will take time but you will get adjusted to the college life, it is not as hard as you think, it will get easier as the time goes on an it will flow in motion for you.


If only I could go back in time. I would have a talk with myself as a high school senior student because knowing what I know now about college and making the transition, the advice I would give, stay positive. Set a goal and a time frame for it to be completed. If I could turn back 25 years with me coming out of high school, I would have went straight into college. I had a full scholarship to a performing art college but I did not take advantage of it. That is mainly because back then some of us were not educated with information on how important it is to go to college, and how much of an impact it would be on our future. In striving for anything, do not settle for less. The sky is the limit. You can not do it. Do not have the fear of failing in your heart because nothing beats a failure but to try. If you try you will succeed. Remember success is all of us! College will take you a long way in such a short time. Valerie D. Crawford PO BOX 2053 Chester VA 23831 RSHT-Chester Campus


This essay is difficult to write about because I don’t like hypothetical questions. So I will not use myself as the culprit. Being a single mom, I will give the advice that I give to my kids. I advised them to work hard, do the best that they can, explain to them that nothing in this world is given to you. In order to be successful you have to give 150{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. I also would stress the fact, a college education is very important. The reward is on graduation day when you have all your family and friends standing, cheering you on as you walk across that stage as the Academic Dean hands you your diploma. The sweat and tears you shed during the years would all be forgotten because you got the prize at the end. After you receive your degree your job chances increase. And mother will be very proud of you. So in closing I leave to say to you, set your goals high and work hard to achieve them. Wylisha Stith


If I were to go back in time to my senior year and prepare myself for college, I would have changed my train of thought throughout the whole year about where I wanted to go to college. Instead of picking a school quickly in the middle of the summer I would not have been so lazy and chose one sooner. The thought of college did not hit me until the summer was almost over and my friends were going away to their 4 year school and there I was stuck at home. Most people stress over college their senior year, but I did not. I really had no care in the world and now I see how I should have put more effort and time into this. College is important if you want to go and it should be for something you enjoy. In the beginning I wanted to be a baking and pastry artist, now I am in the process of becoming a medical assistant. Being fresh out of high school makes me want to go back and do my senior year again so I can change my thoughts and attitude about school altogether.


When I think about going back and talking to myself as senior in highschool there are few things I would like to say to myself. I would defiantly stress to myself that I need to listen to my parents, because they were truly trying to do what was best for me. I would tell myself to be more academically involved other then socially involved. Although I was very smart I just tended to care more for my friends then school. In high school I didn’t realize how expensive college was. I would certainly tell myself to do better so I could have gone to a bigger college to do bigger and better things. Knowing my family cannot afford college, my parents are somehow getting the money to help me pay for it. If I would have pushed myself I could have gotten some type of scholarship. In conclusion what I am trying to say is I would tell myself not to give up, to strive for better grades so I could afford college. Who I was in high school made me who I am today and has gotten me this far so I must have been doing something right.


What I would have liked to know as a high school senior. The world is not as scary as one thinks. When you put your mind to it you can do anything you put your mind too. I would offer the advice if you really are interested in a career, check into the classes to see if it really appeals to you. You have plenty of people who can help you with this decision, but make sure the decision is yours. Do not make your decisions based on what your best friend is doing or let them talk you out of your goals in life. You can start setting goals now and start small so not to disappoint yourself. All goals are obtainable if you put your mind to it, plus some determination. Life can be a scary place you just have to have some self determination and confidence to get through. You will have your ups and downs, but that’s what makes us who we are in life. The main thing you need to know is just be you and follow your dreams. The world is yours for the taking.


First of all I would like to say that I'm very proud of you for wanting to further your education. My advice would be to make sure you can have a stable career and you have picked the right career path because we will always need nurses. Be assertive and tenacious. Do the very best you can it is going to long hours of studying plenty of test taking. Best of all, you meet new people and learn the professionalism of being a nurse. You are the first one out of your immediate family that will be going to college and for that alone, you should be grateful. The human body is very important. We need our health to survive. You are young and vibrant and there are alot of people that's less fortunate. You need to have the knowledge of the Anantomy so you will be able to teach them about themselves, but of course by the doctors orders. You will be fine. I trust and believe in you, You are going to excell beyond your expectations and have a great career ahead of you. I pray that you will continue to go further in your education.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about college I would talk to myself about these things: What I want to majaor in, If I have to use financial aid, or loans or what college would accomodate me the best. I would brainstorm on what I would like to major in . I think about how my decision will effect my life. I would make sure the subject was something I wanted to do. I also would have to think about loans and financial aid if I apply. I would talk to a financial aid offer to discuss what kind of loans I applied for, and what is the time frame of paying my loans off . I would make sure the school accomodate me and I was more than a student body. The staff at the school treat me like a person and if I have any needs or concerns they would be there to address my concerns. I also would make sure the school program fit me as a person and it would be right for my future. If I could go back into time these would be my questions to myself.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell my self to get my head on my shoulders and go on to college. I would explain that there is no reason to be scared, and I would reassure myself that I could do anything I put my mind to. When myself protested that I didn't know what I was talking about, and trust me I would have, I would have said that "the path that you have chosen now is going to be a very difficult and trying path; you will have so many obstacles to overcome, make it easier on yourself and do it now". I know being who I am now that as a 17 year old senior in high school I wouldn’t have listened to myself and I would have said "it's ok I know your not going to listen to me, just know that in the end it will be harder but you will learn a lot of things about yourself that otherwise you may have never known and with hard work and perseverance you will overcome anything!"


If I could go back and tell myself anything, I would stress the importance of getting a good GPA and going to school immediately after I graduated. I wish I would've had the knowledge and resources to understand how important an education is. If I had gone to college as soon as I graduated I would be in my chosen career field right now not having to deal with the stress of being a single parent, working and going to school. I would tell myself about the job security that is available in the healthcare field and also the many oppurtunities to grow and advance in the medical profession.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell me to try a little harder to get better grades to get into a university. I had always wanted to go to University of Florida, so I could remind my younger self of that goal and encourage me to go away to college and get that experience that I have missed. I always would steer myself in the direction of health care, which is the field I am in now, but I would be working in my chosen field instead of still in school at 25. Because of this, I would make sure to tell my high school self to forget business and go healthcare!


Decisions are made each and everyday good and bad, some of which you have no idea whether they are good or bad until after the fact. It's all apart a life. Not many people in the world today wouldn't go back and change a few things or make some different decisions based on what they learned after or didn't know prior to some of there previous choices. If I could change the hands of time and go back to my high school days I would do it in a flash. Not that I've made all bad decisions, jus think a few could have been made better. I would take full advantage of my education and do my best in school. Make the best grades possible, and I would have probably went directly to college to further my education, so that I could have gotten it done as fast as possible. I wouldn't have taken any breaks in between high school and college. I would have applied for scholarships, grants, and things of that nature to help further my education.


Assuming I could go back in time and talk to my self in high school I would say, straighten up and do better, study for thus S.A.T. That life is to short to not get your education and make your life easy. That skipping school is not the answers to any problems. That it is not about where you have been, but about where you are going. Because trust me if you new the road that you would be travelling you would do a u-turn quickly. I would also say that studying is the key. Don't just do what you have to do to get buy, go above and beyond if you have to. Finally I would tell my self find a scholarship get free money, because when you start school it going to be ruff you are going to need all the money you can get. Expellee with a wife and four kids, boy you’re in for a bumpy road good luck and ill no if you listened to me because my life will be different when I get back hopefully for the good.


My advice to my high school self is to keep going in school and dont take any breaks because sooner or later before you know it, it will alkl be over and then you can finally relax. Work hard and study hard for a major that you can prosper from eventually. Dont waste any of your time at work because school is much more important than wasting all your energy on a side job not a career or profession. But if you do work and which i am sure you will, you should save your money and live at home with your parents because they are more willing to help you out. It is okay to take help from others so you can stop making situations harder for yourself. Listen to this advice, take it in and everything will flow much easier for you. This is what i would tell my high school self.


When I first graduated from high school at the age of 17, in June of 2001, I applied to John Tyler Community College. I was accepted in July of 2001. My major was Elementary Education. Every since I was small, I always wanted to become a teacher. I only finished one semester. I would say I gave up to easy. In the years between 2001 and 2011, I had 2 children. I then realized that I'm not getting anywhere in my life by sitting at home. I also realized that I needed to make a better life for me and my kids. I enrolled myself again into Joh Tyler Community College in 2010. But due to an injury with my oldest son, I had to withdraw. One day me and my best friend was talking about where we were in our lives and we both decided to enroll in RSHT into the PharmacyTechnician Program. I will be finished in February of 2010 and I feel that I will have then accomplished something . With that being said, going back to being a high school senior, the advice that I would give myself would be to finish what you start.


If I could go back to when I was a high school senior, and give myself some advice, I would tell myself a lot of things. First off college is one of the most important steps in your life. There are so many obstacles and hardships you have to cross to accomplish what you want to do in life. First I would figure out what it is I want to do once I enter college, so that I could find the right schools to apply to, and the right subject to major in. I would let it be known that it is always ok to change your mind. Most students who enter college for the first time will change their major one time or another.Stay focsed there will be alot of peer pressure and other things that will deter you from focusing on what it is that you are trying to accomplish. You should aim for high grades because in order to be successful you have to stay focused, and stay on track. Dont give up or get down if you feel discouraged. There are many people and resources out there to help you.Go for it.


As a child growing up, I always wanted to become a doctor. However the community school I atended in a small town, provided basic education for all student and there was no financial aid in place for the less fortunate to attend college. Once I graduated from high school, I thought that a high school diploma was enough for me to get a job that pays well. Knowing what I know now, I would say to myself, Marjorie, you have to apply yourself to get a gollege education to achieve your goals. A high school diploma is good enough for a basic job but you will have many more options by achieving a college diploma in the medical field, thus giving you a better salary and a better life. There is financial aid in place that you do not have to begin paying it back until after you have graduated. Going to college is hard work but fun too. You get to meet different people, make new friends and the instructers are very helpful. It is worth the time and money to complete a two year college programe,which will in turn help you to obtain a decent paying job.


If I knew what I know now about making the transition from being a high school student to being a college student, it would be that I should have done it much sooner. I had a great rapport with my teachers and my work and study habits were great. I found the transition easy and I only wish now that I would have followd my heart and went on to college when I graduated from high school. Now that I am in a vocational program, I found that I fell back into my old habits and I love going to school. I can say this though, I see many others around me that have children and jobs that may defer them from giving their all to theri education. I would say to any student that is about to or has already graduated from high school to go back as soon as possible and try to avoid as many disruptions as possible. You don't want to wait until you get to be like me, 26 years old with 3 children and try to make a run for school then.


Assuming that i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i believe that i can make myself a better student for college and anything else that i would persue. I would tell myself to study hard and not to worry about, or sweat the small stuff, and that good things will come to those who work hard and wait. As a high school senior i never really knew the value of studying and where it could get you. Yeah i knew that studying would allow me to pass the class but it never really occured to me that it would affect me in the long run. I would tell myself that i can do this and nothing can stand in my way. I would tell myself that if you study hard the better your grades will look and in the long run it will bennefit you when choosing a college. I would aslo tell myself that the transition would much easier to the high ranked colleges and lead to a better education. Thats what i would do if i could go back in time and talk to myself.


Today as an adult I look back on my high school years and realize that while I thought of fun times and hanging out, my main focus should've been on futhering my education. To concentrate on a arrer that would serve me as a benefit today. I would have taken the tme to acquire better study habits and become a better student. High school should have been my time to set goals to carry me through my adult life and even though it's never to late to learn or go back to school I realize how much further I could be in my adult life. I begin a Physical Therapy for a while after finshng high school and was not focused enough to study and prepared myelf for the class, therefore I did not coplete this. If iI had to summarize things up for a hgh schoolsenior I would explain the importance of getting an earlystart to their lives by keeping good attendance, good grades, taking some college based classes and even setting some short term goals to help them achieve their log goals.My best advice to seniors is to start planning early .


As a girl growing up I never thought that the day would come when I was so discontented with myself, life, and job. Inside myself there was another person trying to accomplish a goal. Why I waited so long to acquire a better education had to do with the wrong pathways I traveled down and all the obsticles placed in my way. Most of all I wanted to build my own self respect, confidence and obtain knowledge , satisfaction in becoming a Medical Assistant . the answer, I love people in general from all aspects of life. I want to do something to help . The Medical field to me is the way to my hearts desire , and do what I have always wanted to do. I began my life thinking I was doing the right thing by getting a high school education,getting married having children,a home and a ordinary job, but the road to being happy with myself was never there. The answer came, go back to school. Become a dedicated caring professional with a smile , and encouragement and a will to accomplish a life long goal. Let's see how far my mind can take me.


You made it through high school just fine and college will feel like a different world. You will be able to choose classes that you enjoy . You will be able to develop learning and study skills that will allow you to be a great student . There will be times when you are taking a Math class that you will want to give up and throw in the towel. Keep with it ! Someone will work with you as you learn the material, manage your study time and be a better test taker. When you start only take two classes at a time. You will get the feel for things by the 3rd semester. Be careful on what classes you pair together , some combos are just bad combinations. There will be nights where you will be up writing papers and studying till you can't see straight. Those days will be gone before you know it. Most importantly you will achieve every goal you set before yourself. Some will take a little longer than you think. All in all after asking for help , getting extensions, studying every free moment, and the great support system (family) you will be successful.


If I could give my high school (senior) self any advice, I would tell myself to stop trying to make excuses for myself and just "bite the bullet" on my circumstances. Being I was already a mom to a two-year old son my senior year, I was already faced with a lot of challenges that a typical seventeen-year old could not even imagine facing. Juggling school, work, motherly duties, and operating as head of my household, my plate was full! Unfortunately, I wasn't mature enough to understand the importance of prioritizing-the right way. Knowing what I know now, I would have put my education second (to my son), and my ultimate goal would have been completing school and findidng what it is I wanted to do in life-what career choice would of made me happy. You see, I eventually ended up dropping out of twelth grade with only one semester remaianing. That had to have been the dumbest thing I could have possibly done because it set me back about eight years in life. Now-a-days, education is a must! Having a plan is the only way.


If I were a high school senoir again ...I would advise myself to stay in school and to further your education as much as possible and I would also advise myself to choose the best college possible far away from home so that when you finish you dont have to look for a job its going to come to you. I would also advise myself not to have any kids untill you finish your that you can focus on that so that you would be able to give your kids everything that they want and you would not have to struggle so hard ...And I would also tell myself to stay focus..because the reward is much greater at the end.


If I could press the rewind button and go back to being a high school student, I definitely would have done a lot of things differently. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to my senior year. I dropped out of high school at age 16 because I thought I knew everything. I became pregnant with my first child at age18. I stayed with my parents until my child was 6 months old and moved into my first apartment. After my daughter’s first birthday, I decided that returning back to high school was not an option for me. I did not want my daughter to repeat the same mistakes, so I decided to complete my GED. Through the support of my mother, I was able to go to college. Today, I find attending school to be a lot more challenging than it was when I attended high school. I had no stresses, no worries back then. If I knew what I now know about getting an education, I would not have dropped out in the first place. The advice I would have given myself was to listen to my parents, work hard, and never give up on your goals.


If I could go back in time and talk with myself when I was a high school senior, I would try to make the following points. I would say, "Brenda, an education is one if the best way to pull yourself up by your boot straps and make a positive difference in your life. It helps you to follow your dreams and go places you would never think you could in life. An education will help prepare you to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities that may come your way." I would talk to her about how I now know how important it is to complete homework assignments; and, how I should have listened when told to do my homework. I would say, "Brenda, I know it is tempting to saty to your parents that you do not have homework because this is what I did. The result of doing this is that I cheated myself out of a complete education." I would mention that I would have pursued my love of the violin. I would tell Brenda that an education is something of value that no one can take away.


MBC 908 9-15-11 Becky Fitzgerald What advice would I give myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now Becky Fitzgerald please read, and follow. Your eighteen years old, listen up, here is advice from the future you that has already lived through your joys, tears, and mistakes. I also know the person you have become and the person you have always long to be. High school is very important for laying the foundation of your life. It is also the most important. Don’t worry about popularity or young love. Popularity is not important at all in the real world. To find true love takes years of experiences, to even figure out who you are and what you want and need out of a person. For now concentrate on education. Education is the most important, study hard; learn as much as you can. Take as many classes and learn at least one other language. Challenge yourself everyday. This will help you set up the future you want, love, kids, finacial security and love. Also slow down. Enjoy each day to its fullest. When it comes to your love, kids, and family, make every minute count.


Only If “HEY DOUG YO” That’s right it’s you from the future. And no this is not a dream. I’m here to give you some help that will better your future. First thing I must tell you, is that you are not alone. God is and will be there, for you and with you every step of the way in your life. So stand firm and believe in yourself. You can really make your dreams come true. Second thing you should know is that you don’t need your so called friends. They just want to use you for what God has blessed you with. Look passed that and focus on our DREAMS. You do have what it takes to make it big in the future. Take those classes they say you’re not smart enough to take. YOU ARE SMARTER than what they say you are. Take those math classes and those English classes. Wait to party. And yes rap does take over the world in the future. It’s in everything we do in the future. So stay strong son. YOU AND ONLY YOU. RASDOUG PS: Invest in that apple pc that you just got.


What advice would I give myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now? If I had known in high school what I know now my life would be totally different. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself to work as I could to get into a good school because there is no guaranteed stability in the job economy in the future. I would tell myself to productive as I could be in filling out college applications. I would tell myself to be punctual in meeting deadlines for assignments and to always study before taking tests. Taking good notes and being more organized is another thing I would tell myself to start doing. This will increase my chances of getting the best score possible on tests. Having good time management skills would benefit you as well. Having better social skills will help your transition from high school to college. Networking friends will help you scholastically and in the job economy. Finally, I would advise myself to always stay focused and never stop setting goals for myself. Without goals there can be no progression.


Danielle, Life comes with many in and outs. A lot of situations, we try to figure out “Why me?” Other ones we can take and be happy we went through them. It’s all up to you how you handle them and the lessons you learn. You are in high school which brings about a lot of temptations. You want to hang out with your friends and skirt your responsibilities. Having that attitude isn’t going to assist you in reaching those goals. You are actually hurting yourself, stagnating the process that ends in greatness. Take your time and move slowly. Once you walk across that stage to greatness, you enter a new world filled with even bigger temptations and road blocks. Will you take the provided detour of common sense or will you run into that block and crash your dreams for the future? The choice is yours alone. College requires a lot of attention and a lot of preparation. You can handle it. You are a smart girl with a lot to offer the world as well as yourself. I know you can make it. Words of advice: Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Sincerely, You


The advice that I would’ve given myself is not to wait to further my education. I should’ve gone to college/school with accreditation straight out of high school due to the rising cost to get a good education, and because of the downfall to the economy. I would’ve advised myself to go and get the education that I need to find a good job with stability and to be offered better opportunities in the job market. I would also advise myself not to go get a job and get comfortable with that job, and forget about what you say you were going to do and suppose to do. If I could go back in time as a high school senior I would have went to college and received a degree, and later returned to college for a higher degree. I would tell myself that without a college degree or some sort of schooling that there are really no good opportunities being offered in this economy today. I would’ve advised myself that the transaction from high school to college would be the best choice because your brain is young, smart and still fresh out of high school.


If I could give my high school self advice i would say to myself to study hard the first time around and not take for granted the time and effort it takes to get good grades and achieve goals. Moreover, I would tell myself to try everything even if I did not suceed, I was brave to have attempted so therefore I should take a chance with every opportunity I am given and see where it leads me in life. As stubborn as I am now, I would also tell my high school self to ask for help when it is needed and never turn my cheek to someone who only wants to help me because a second offer of help may not ever come. Lastly, I would tell myself to not be afraid of the future, because I will be successful whatever path I take and that I will be happy. Leap with faith and do not be afraid of the consequences Stephanye because you can achieve all of your goals one step at a time and you will have all of the support and love that you need to be successful in your educational goals and in life.


I would tell myself to enroll in all the duel credit courses I could. Doing so would have allowed me to acculuate alot more college credits then I did. It would have put my ahead. I would also tell myself to take the time to research colleges outside the midwest and spend more time looking at the scholarships they have to offer. The lack of taking the time to do this would make it difficult to pay for the classes I need. I would tell myself to apply to every scholarship and Grant I come across because every bit helps and without help I won't be able to finish school.


No matter how hard it is dont give up, dont ever think you cant do something. Its people thats not always going to agree with some of the things you do or say, then on the other hand you have people that want to see you make it or become successful in life. yes college is different from high school. In high school your teacher probably gave out alot of handouts,and all you had to do was study from it, not college,some days you'll have to listen and take notes or just pay attention. Staying focus is the most important thing. everybody has their own way of learning for example you could b a visual learner.I'm a person that gets distracted easily so sometimes im in class and the teacher having a discussion and my mind wonders off. I'll take a deep breathe and say ok LaShawn get back on tract and if you can catch the problem before its too late then do that, its twice as hard trying to get back on tract.Also when your staudying make flash cards, highlight, and look over it as many times.


The advice i will give myself is that make sure i keep my grades up because college is a different atmosphere than high school. i would make sure my tuition is paid for. another advice i would give myself is that i would not party to much but will socialize when i have free time. making sure i would becoming successful at what i want to be in life. Another advice i would give myself is to try to make new friends while im in college. try to get in more activities while im in college and staying positive. always have courage and believe in yourself. be prepare for hard teachers in college because there different than high school teachers. Another advice that I would give myself is that always have your own income because that would make it less for parents to help too support u while u in college.always have a positive attitude at what u do while in college.