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That the students want change and the school does nothing to bring the change about.


Chicago State University is a great school even when compared with other schools.


Chicago state is unique in many ways. Csu is not a very big school, but by the university being small it seems more like a family. There is always a helping hand available if you have no where else to turn to. Our school is also unique because we dont have the money for a football team, but we also have a homecoming. Csu makes the best of things for all of their students.


The one thing thats very unique about my school is that it feel like family and you can get hlep anytime you need it . You are not just a other student .


It's a historically African-American school where I, a white person, feel completely accepted.


For me, the location it's close to home and has a great business program which is my major.


The uniqueness about my school would have to be its size. Even though its not as big as most universities in the city of chicago it is well recognized. I love the fact that its accessible to other places around the city and for guests and tourists.


cheap cost great education

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