Chicago State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the school is class availability. Because of the lack of funding classes are only available during certain semesters which can impede a students ability to finish on time. For instance I transfered in with a two year degree from a junior college and it was projected it would take me three years to finish, to avoid this my last two semesters will have 6 classes each. Because of this I will have to quit my job and hopefully be able to get enough financial aid to live on during those semesters.


I don't think that there is anything bad about my school, since I have been going I have been having fantastic professors and great learning experiences.


I would consider the worst thing about Chicago State University to be the layout of the older buildings. It's easy to get lost or think you are in a different building if an individual is not familiar with the area.


The worst thing about this school is parking. Parking is really hard to find.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of spreading information on time about important information. for example, my school has so many activities going on that may be helpful like job seminars and club meetings but i will more than like;y find out too late .


The worst thing about my school is not giving students information on life changing opportunites. Of course, we as students should look for scholarship opportunites and beneficial opportunites on our own but, finding them is the problem. The attitudes that the workers have are ridiculous. They come off to people like they don't want to help or as if they hate their job. The way activites and other events are advertised can be improved to help the students and make the students feel comfortable.


The worst thing about this school was my first day. i never attended a university before and i didnt know what to expect, factoring my age was a challenge. I was a lost and staff or administrators put me at ease, looking at my circumstance of being out of school since 1986, offering a second chance in higher education was encouraging. Im in the board of Governors and explaining what the program was about was uplifting. Its a course of study thats called Learning without walls. There are course requirements you must complete, overall a new begining


There's really nothing to complain about.


the worst thing i don't like about my school is that i don't get Financial Aid


There are really not to many cons about this school except for parking, you might be parking far from school. Also classed fill up fast .


not enough financial aide


I believe the worst thing about my school is the communication between students and administration. They are not friendly and they give you the run around when it is time to do something as simple as getting validated for classes. The administration in places such as the bursar, financial aid, and transcripts are very mean and they talk to students in demeaning words. They are not helpful and students will be sent to ten other places before they can get to do exactly what it was that they had to do.


I consider the science labs to be the worse thing about my school. Because my school's main focus in the Arts, the science and math labs kind of get tossed aside. And while the labs are in decent condition, compared to other universities they are not up to part.


The administration is the worst department in the school. They are unorganized, lazy, and slow.

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