Chicago State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I would say that if you're a subpar student that doesn't care much about grade point averages you should go here.


Professional,informative,useful and helpful individuals.


What kind of person should attend Chicago state, a person that is determined to make their way to success. The person should not only be determined, but also should have the motivation they need to be successful. They should want to be able to be a person who is willing and able. A person that can give an helping hand to someone who is not as wealthy. None the less a person who wants to futher their education with no strings attatched.


The kind of person that should attend Chicago State University is a harworking, focused and goal-oriented individual. There is no discrimination against any person who may want to attend this university. Students that attend the school should be serious and ready to be succesful. Chicago State expects the best from students and not the worst. Any student who is willing to believe in themselves, they can achieve anything. The person attending Chicago State University should have confidence, morals and a set mind frame of becoming the best.


If a person is passionate about their choice of study, he or she should attend this college.


This school is a great school everyone is always so friendly and willing to help. The professors are great as well and you can always reach them whenever you need help also the classes are small but always fun to be a part of. There are many activities and clubs at school so you will never feel lonely.




Anyone that is career driven, has personal goals, and is focused on their future. Someone who is somewhat culturally aware and has an opinion.


a person who enjoys a short commute, small class sizes, easily accessible

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