Chicago State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would advise myself to look for every scholarship I could starting senoir year of high school so I wouldn't have to depend on financial aid and be forced to go to Chicago State University!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the first thing I would tell myself would be to take school serious and always perform well. I attended a college enrichment program (Upward Bound TRIO) and senior year they offered senior students the opportunity to receive college credits by attending college level courses during the summer break. I declined because I didn’t have mentor guidance and I didn’t know the importance of higher education at the time. I would also tell myself that just getting by was not good enough, in the previous years I never pushed myself too hard because I didn’t know that I could handle it. Only if I knew then the things that I know now I would be in a better situation than I am in now. The most important thing now is that I have learned and I am taking the steps of improvement.


Everyone in college is very nice and very understanding even though the teacers in high school tell you that professors in college don't care about you. They understand that their students have lives and things happen. In high school you should take a couple advance placement classes because they really do help for college classes and help you know how college classes will be. Take advantage of how easy high school is because college is much more of a challenge. But in a good way!


If I could go back in time and mentor myself I would definitely start by saying stay focused. Assume that every moment of your life is just as important as any. Don't tke any courses for granted. Make sure you give one hundred percent in everything you do. Listening is very critical because no matter how much you think you know its always someone else that can teach you more. Remember that high school are the years to prepare you for your future years in college. The destiny of your adult years starts right here in high school. The grades you receive in high school determines what college you attend. Making wise choices makes prosperous futures. Don't be a follower become a leader. You have your adult years to party and have fun. Use your energy for positive activities and not those that can hender you from making responsible choices that can effect your future. Make your transition into college as easy as possible. Believing in yourself and kinowing you can do and be anything you want with will power and determination. This is the advice I will give to myself.


If I were given the chance to go back in time and talk to my former, high school self, I would have a lot of things to tell myself. I would insist that I stick to my gut when it comes to what I want to study in college. Listen to your heart and don't look for a degree where you think you will make the most money. You will only find yourself back where you started! Also, balance your time between school, friends, family and work. The only way to be happy and successful is to make sure you are not over doing one thing or the other, a balance can be found. The one last and most important thing I would relay to myself is to never give up. Even though you may switch degrees and feel like you will never be done with school, you will! Staying focused and continuing my education has been the best thing I have done for myself and maybe if I hadn't strayed at first I would have finished a little sooner. I am still thankful that I have never given up and am always working towards my goal.


Whoah, if I could talk to myself now as a high school senior, my life would be completely different. I would first tell myself to apply to all prospective colleges, not just one. I would also tell myself to apply for as many scholarships and grants as possible. Look into in state schools, as tuition is way cheaper in state. I would make sure i went to college right after high school and stayed focus and completed school without dropping out. I learened a lot of things too late which is why I am a 22 year old college freshman. Although thats ok too, it would have been nice to have graduated in May of 2012 instead of in the future May of 2016. With that being said if I could talk to myself as a high school senior today, it would be a totally completely different ball field.


If I could go back and talk to myself about the college transition I would tell myself to work harder and take advantage of all the programs that are available. I would tell myself to take classes that will prepare me for college instead of taking easy classes to just get through high school. I would tell myself to push past my high school drama. I would tell myself that high school is a big deal and what you do now will follow you for years to come. I would tell myself that you are going to go to college because you need to and that college is not an option. I would tell myself that friends and parties will be there forever its important to get what you need while you can. I would tell myself you are smarter than you think you are, you are stronger than you think you are and you can become anything you want.


Mitch in the 5 years its been since you have graduated high school, you have been to 4 separate schools, taken on 5 different majors, and made an immeasurable amount of mistakes. While I think most people would look at that record and tell you to take college more seriously, I on the other hand am going to tell you differently. I don’t want you to avoid those mistakes, because the iron will that I have now was forged in the fire of experience. But if there is one thing I will tell you, above all, do what you want to do. I have spent these last 5 years taking the longest route possible to graduate, only to realize I have been doing things for other people, rather than myself. I have known what I wanted to do this entire time, but avoiding it because of an image that I have been given by family, friends, and society at large. I am not telling you to blindly follow your heart; romanticism only looks good in the movies. I am telling you to follow your head. You are smarter than you realize. Now is the time to prove it.


Assuming i had a chance to go back in time being a high school senior again. The advice i would give myself will defintely be prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Examples: mentally, I would of told myself get ready for late nights and early mornings. Emotionally, I would have told myself you will become extremely stressed and mostly all the time. Physically, I would have told myself you probally won't have any money so get prepared not to eat as much as you use to.


Carefully weigh options for at least 2-3 colleges. Keep it in perspective and look around for non-academic activities that you enjoy doing that you can do while at college, such as bowling, cycling, or any other physical activity. Keep a calendar and write everything down. Refer back to it regularly. Be disciplined and stay on task. Do all that you can in advance and don't miss a deadline. Develop and maintain a schedule. College is not an entitlement. It is a prvilege. Be careful about going in to debt. If you have to start out going only part-time to not go into debt, then that is the choice you should make. It is OK to go part-time and enjoy life while you are young. Above any other advice I can give, take your time and make excellent grades. Learn from what you are taking.


I would tell myself to focus on my school work and not all the parties that are going on. Going to all the clubs and parties would not get you the best career.


Stay focused. Socializing is fun, but stay more focused on academics and your life's goals. Do your best, by applying yourself even more than ever before. Go into your Freshman year of college with confidence and a great expectancy.


The definition of what love is. It has been valuable to attend because Love is a necessary requirement throughout all of the educational programs in college . It is an eternal emotion. It will enable me to push towards perfection in all of the things that are done and said. What is Love? Love is repeetitive, relentless perfection. It never stops, it never fails. Love is blind and unconditional, giving forever, whatever, whomever, whenever, however, wherever. Love does not hate destroy, reject, or deny! Love does not hurt because pleasure is her sister. Love is thesustaining force that moves all through-out the universe. Listen to her she will satisfy.


I have realized that quality can be found in any educational venue. It just depends on what you wish to get out of the situation. I wish for success, desire to succeed and strive for excellence. As long as there is a book to read, I will learn regardless to the facility or the neighboring students. Drive and determination is all that is necessary in order to succeed.


College has taught me independence, responsibility and focus. Living on my own and having to do everything fo myself has helped me to grow and become an adult. In highschool there were parents and teachers who pushed, motivated, and even forced you to do well in school. However, college is the complete opposite. I have learned responsibility for my actions, education, and future. Finally, I have learned to focus. College has many distractions that could hender one's education. Being put into a situation such as college, I value attending because I have gained independence, responsibility and focus.


Looking back at when I was a high school senior I realize what a completely different person I've become. I would have told myself to take school seriously and work as hard as possible in high school because that's when you have little to no financial responsibilities, allowing you time to focus and appreciate your education. I often wish I could go back in time and force myself to listen, but I know that today I have learned to have that appreciation for my education and couldn't imagine spending my time any other way right now.


If I could go back in time what advice would I give myself. I would tell myself that I would need to focus on time mangment. Time management in college is a must. I will need to make time schedules for nearly everything I do in school. I will need time to study, time for practice, time for lunch in between classes and time to focus on my success. Being able to manage your time in college will help prevent many problems. This will prevent procrastination, craming and being tardy to any classes. Stress is another issue I would make myself aware of. Stress can be the down fall of someones's success. I would need to just take tasks as they come to me and not overload myself. To make sure nothing gets in the way of my success above it all I will need to have motivation. I will need to know things are not handed to you and the work you put in is what you will recieve.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself to not slack off even for a minute. I would tell myself that every minute is of the essence and to not procrastinate when it comes to work. There might be more freedom, but with more freedom comes more responsibility. I would tell myself to never second guess myself when it comes to my career aspirations. The most important thing I would have told myself is to keep my mind on my education and not on the gossip or the boys around the school.


If I could go back and tell myself about college I would say study more. Pay attention in math and try to remember as much as you can. I would also say try applying for scholarships early because college cost a lot of money and it is trying to pay for school. I would tell myself that nothing is too impossible to acheive. I always held back in high school I would really tell myself to push through every assignment and make sure I am doing my work to the best of my ability.


If I could go back in time and tell my high-school-senior-self one thing, it would be to never let money deter you from choosing the school that best matches your interests and needs. Yes, financial aid is need based, but there are many ways to pay for school aside from the package that a college gives you. So, never settle because you deserve the best. Also, there is nothing wrong with transfering schools. If a school does not stimulate you intellectaully and/or socially then you need to leave. I guess the main theme here is to never settle mediocrity; aim for the best and then do your best.


I would tell myself to focus on english class on writing essays and grammer. I would tell myself to focus in my Foreign Language class because it would pay off in college. I would most definitely teel myself to get math under my belt, especially Algebra. These three subjects, if mastered can save you time and money!


I would advise myself to study harder,stay focused and to give it the best shot that you got. I would prepare better for college by reseaching more and getting more help with scholarship applications and applying for financial aid. I would tell myself than the only thing that beats a failure is a try. iwould encurage myself to succeed by any means neccessary.


The advice I would give myself would be to buckle done in high school before you graduate. Its alot harder to get into a good college when your grades and act or sat scores aren't high enough. Make sure that you have all the money that you need to cover the tuition,roomand board and your books.


The advice I would give myself going into college is be focused,positive and confident. There is always someone who does not want you to succeed and give up. I would recommend going to a community college because it is more convenient and affordable than a university. Studying is a major asset to being successful and learning the required material. I would encourage myself to not to get off track and let nothing interfere with getting my education.


If i could go back to my senior year of high school, i would tell myself that college is a place where you go to achieve a degree, but open walls of opprotunity where the mind builds confidence and character. Its not the degree that holds value, its what it takes to accomplish the degree. Know your purpose because time is precious and the mind is plentiful.


I will tell myself not to waste any time on extraneous classes, listen to my academic advisor and enroll in the courses in which she assigned for me to take. Most of all, I would go back in time and tell myself to work on my attitude before entering college so that it will not stop many good opporunities from entering my life and advice myself to find other resources to pay for college besides loans.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as high school senior, I would tell myself to work hard to keep my grades up. By me being in college now, the classes for my major are hard and I always have to work and study hard to maintain good G.P.A. The nursing program is the hardest program to get into on campus but I chose it because I love helping people in need and doing something I'm very passionate about makes me feel great. If I give up on nursing then I'd be a quitter and thats not an option for me. I would also tell myself to be prepared for the real world. College challenges your maturity in every way and I've done alot of growing up since attending college even though I wasn't ready for the obstacles which I've faced since I started Chicago State University. my life has changed since being at CSU but as long as I focus hard in school and achieve the goals that I set for myself, I will succeed.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to value my education and learn about being responsible financially. In high school, most students care more about their popularity status than getting good grades. Getting good grades would help me get into the colleges of my choice with scholarships. Not having to worry about paying tuition or paying back loans after graduation is wonderful, plus my parents will be happy too. Therefore, I would be able to focus on my studies and pass all of my class the first time around. Also I would tell myself to enjoy being a high school student because soon after high school i would have to grow up and be responsible for myself.


My advice to myself would have been sending out my college application early and once acceptanced sign up for class early and the right ones. I would also tell myself to apply for out of state as well so I could experience the out of state college life. To keep a studying schedule so pass all class would be easy and learning how to manage time . That all advice I would give my self .


I would tell myself to really look into the school that i want to attend. By looking into the school I mean find out the type of help the school gives to students. I would also tell myself to know how student athletes are treated. Another thing would be to look at the school spirit. I believe that plays a big part in student success. The better you feel about your school the better you will perform as a student. Something else I would be interested in is how many graduates graduate not only with a diploma but also with a career. Since I am an Accounting major i would like to have a career to go to after I am done with school. The most important thing i would tell myself as a senior is to talk to someone that attends that school and find out first hand how they feel about the school. Also what they like and dislike about the school. This would help me get a real feel for the school and better my decesion for the future.


I would tell myself to go into college with an open mind and really be open to people's opinions and customs. My first semester, I was in my dorm almost the entire time because I was annoyed by a lot of different people. When I finally opened up, I met a bunch of great people and leanred more in two weeks than I did an entire semester. It was really eye opening.


As a college senior I can look back and say that I?m very pleased with the progress I?ve made. I learned a lot of things that have benefited me tremendously, so if I could go back and talk to myself I would definitely clue myself in on some key points. I would say ask for help when you needed it, to not underestimate yourself, and to be patient. I say that because each of those facts represent a particular time in my college career where I learned a valuable lesson. Lessons where I realized I couldn?t let my pride enable me from doing the best I possibly could, not allowing fear or uncertainty stop me from achieving something great, and that patients gives us the ability to not overlook something and gain knowledge we otherwise wouldn?t. Now when I need help I ask instead of feeling like I must figure it out on my own. I know that the impossible is possible if you?re willing to work and that good things are worth waiting for. Learning those things helped me gain knowledge and a way of thinking that will stick with me well after college.


If I was a high school senior again, I would better prepared myself for college by taking the SAT and ACT exams to receive a better scores which could help with applying for more colleges. Also, I would have participated in more academic programs that could be applied to my school transcript. But most of all, I would have followed my first mind by attending colllege right after graduating from high school instead of the later part of my life.


I would tell myself to major in recreation for which this is what i am passionate about. I would have aslo told myself to take the A.P. courses when I was offered to take them in high school. Make sure I study hard and go to summer school. Apply for every scholarship that you can. I would have also told myself to make sure i take english seriously, but most of all take school seriously. Do all my work and make sure I see my professor during their office hours. Always set a couple hours a day to study and read the chapter. Never give up no matter how hard I struggle for it will all pay off in the end.


I would tell myself that i can do whatever i want to do and how talented i am and should take advantage of it while i have the skills and athleticism to play sports. Go to the Air Force or a big school.


Don't give up. Always try and do your best and if you think you can't afford going to college, that's not true because everyone receives help and there are many colleges available. Seek for help in making the correct decision for your child and remember nothing is impossible.

Laureen!!!! It was more than helpful for me and they provided plenty of information about various colleges!!!


Do your research on the schools first and visit them before you commit to going anywhere.


If someone asked me what to do when finding the right college, my first piece of advise would be to think of your personal preferences, after all it will be you attending the college. Next, what field or major were you interested, including undecided. Many schools have better accomadations and resources than others for different majors. You want your school to give you the best education possible. After that, I would say to consider extra-cirricular activities and interests that you have, or may be interested in, these will be the things that help to make your college experience the best it can be. These include clubs, greek orginizations, etc. Finally, just be open to new things and above all, do not lose sight of why you went to college in the first place.


My advice to parents and studends would be to make sure that you go to visit the campus with your children because the parent should know what would best fit them. I would also say to the student to make sure you look at all aspects of the school and dont procrasinate in searching for schools because you might end up going somewhere you didnt want to be. To the students make sure you go into college with a focus it will make your experience a lot less stressful. Also, try not to procrastinate it will sometimes be a bad decision. Overall, have fun and make it a fun experience as well as an educational one.


The best advice I would give is to know or have a good idea of what major you want and what type of college experience you want to have. Choose a college that fits your personality because you want somewhere you can engage in activities of your chose and get the most out of your college experience. Always be patient and research schools that are on top of your list. Most importantly, do college visitis and asks students there what their experiences are at that school. The best advice is to get testimonies from students that already attend because they can answer your questions better than staff. I would also advise parents and students to make sure the university offers your major and any other possible majors just in case the student changes their mind. Most of all, students need to visit financial aid and make themselves aware of mandatory costs and fees that accompanies that university.


I would tell anyone looking to make the most of their college experience to look for a college that is popular in their field of study. Also, class size, location, transportation to and from campus, campus organizations, and the overall learning experiece should all be consider when choosing a college.


As affordability plays a role in selecting a college, financial aid exists to help offset the costs of an education, and as there will be sufficient time to celebrate the rewards of life once the educational experience is completed, affordability and socialization are among the least of the reasons to select an institution of higher learning. The primary requirement for one to identify the "right" college is to recognize their goals and potentials, and the availability of assistance at the college to help meet those potentials. Once the basic classes are fulfilled, goal-identification and counsel of staff will aid a student in selecting the classes that fulfill the educational requirements in the least amount of time necessary. It is the student's potentials, however, that will determine the very motivation necessary to fulfill the curriculum. Identification of self, complete with career goals and recognition of individual potential is most important in selecting the "right" college. This understanding will enable students and their families to select the college that provides the most for their college experience.


Some advice I would have to give to parents would definitely be allowing their child to choose the university they want to attend and support them on their decision. I would also recommend that parents visit the university with their child and make sure they look into degree programs to determine which school is the best one for their child's major or minor not just sports or Greek life. I would definitely encourage students to apply early and look into more than one university that attracts their interest. Next, I would suggest making sure the university meets the standards you are looking for i.e. the size, cost of attendance, dorms, academic programs, sports and ect. I would also suggest asking current students and alumni what they really think/thought of the university and professors before making a legitimate decision. I would encourage students to make the most out of every college moment. Get involves in clubs and sports and look into other activities the university offers. I would also encourage socialization. Socializing allows you to get some insight of what the school really is about, not only to mention someone going through the same changes as you.


When decideing the right college, choose a college that is reputable in your choosen major.


Research the college ahead of time. Take time to visit all department including financial aid and bursar. ask current students about the services and programs. don't judge a school by its name or location


Know what you want from a college and don't adjust your standards too much. Your dream college may or may not be right for you. Visiting is always the best way to find out. Above all, gather as much info as you can about your college through word of mouth, the internet, as well as printed publications so that you can get a fair view of the school. Good luck!


Attending college close to your home can become problematic. College is expensive and though your child may long to go away for college it is always cheaper to not leave the state.


Many paths exists for a student to reach his goals, and most students don't even have concrete goals formulated by the time they are ready to enter college for the first time. Furthermore, there is not only one chance to find the right college. Case in point, the path I chose involved joining the Air Force for four years and taking classes at community colleges along the way to get a taste. If a student does have an idea of which major to choose, the Internet is inundated with information and it would be extremely easy to narrow down the possibilities. Other details like city, distance from parents, and available activities are obvious factors, and my best suggestion would be to try something new. Challenge your comfort zone. If you're from the suburbs, pick a college in the city. If you're from the Great Plains, go to school on the coast. One of the most valuable traits of a successful student or even a successful human being is adaptability, and this choice is the first one of such great importance that will come your way.


Start researching schools and financial aide as soon as possiable., the more prepared you are the better experience you will have in college. Going to college is a sacrafice well worth the time and effort you put into the experience.