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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Make sure the students get involved and network as much as possible. Make sure you are focus on your studies at the same time.


FINDING THE RIGHT COLLEGE: It starts with money. Knowing how much you want to spend narrows your choices, especially if you're deciding between an ivy league or community college. After that, know what you want to study and pinpoint the colleges that have done well with the program you're interested in. Don't know what you want to study? Just focus on the city you want to live in for college- a college town? Like Washington, DC? Or a college where there's city life? Like Chicago. If you research colleges by location, you'll find a better selection. MAKING THE MOST OF THE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: If nothing else, school is what you make it. At every college, the environment is setup for students to make or break themselves. The best advice I have is to be yourself and be honest about yourself. There's always someone who will mesh with you in college. So, don't go to a drinking party if drinking isn't your thing. Chances are there's a club meeting (like a Midwest Club or a Caribbean Club) or study group that would fit perfectly with you. Just be steadfast and have fun!




The advice I would give to parents and/or students trying to find the right collge and making themost of the college experience, to plan ahead by having a list of schools that they're interested in, then researching the school to see all it has to offer. Next, would inform them to choose the school where they would be most comfortable at learning and/or living. Also I would tell them to take advantage of all of the extra cirricular activities offered at the campus, because you are paying for them anyways.

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