Chicago State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing i consider about my school is the education. They are extremely focus on education which most colleges should be, and mainly my major education. Chicago State are one of the best schools in U.S that offers a a great educational program.


I consider the students and faculty to be the bet thing about my school. Chicago State University has diverse proffessors who care about the education of the students. The classes are intimate and well taught. As well as the student body being very driven and competitive.


The best thing about my schol are the student ans teacher interactions with each other. The professors and students are vey nice and career motivated. They do their best to he;p you in any possible.


The best thing about my school would be the opportunities that are there for business students. The career center works hard to help business students get a career with their degree. They plan mock interviews to help students with their interviewing skills. Also they go over resumes and help improve them. Another benefit for business students is alot of teachers have worked in the field before they began teaching so you can get a better understanding for the field.


the best thing is that the professors that i had care about the students and help the best way they can to help us succeed. they give us the tools we need to excel in life


The coaches are the best thing about the school because they see and go throught the same difficulties as the thletes, especially when traveling.


The College of Business adn the alumni helping out the current students get jobs.


The main thing is that It's convenient. Good location, good education for the price... It's credible. It's a functional learning & social environment.

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