Chippewa Valley Technical College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to be more involved in school activities. Alot of opportunities in the future ask about what you did in high school and what groups or clubs you were apart of. It would be good to have experience in doing them. Also, take classes in high school that will benefit you in the long run. Classes that will help set a background when you take college courses. Pay attention to the long road ahead and don't wander off course. Get advise from anyone you see. Ask them what they did while they were in high school to try to get ahead of the crowd.


Don't wait to go to college. They aren't as impossibly hard as some say. Also save up some money so you dont have to live paycheck to paycheck


Upon meeting my high school self, I would ask that he don't sweat the breakup that occurred in my Senior year to a girl I deemed to be "the one". I would explain that there would be other girls and I would eventually marry one, however, there would be only one chance to have a respectable GPA upon leaving high school. By giving her up, I could preserve my B average GPA, instead of dropping to a C. The second matter I would discuss with my younger self would be wait before attending college. Even though I'd originally wanted to pursue computer programming from a young age, I wasn't prepared for what it meant to be in that field, and the friends I would meet after high school that made me drop out the first time to rethink my plan. My young self would savor that summer and study the subject of computers until he could go back to apply himself without distractions. Hopefully it wouldn't demand another decade to fulfill. Lastly, I would tell him to avoid Brown College in the cities, it costs too much.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself, I would want to be the first person to help prepare myself for the stress to come. As far back as middle school, there were people telling me to be ready and think of what's ahead. I would have been better prepared if i knew what i was getting myself into. I recall being easily distracted and relying on my friends for support, but the future was so clouded with mystery at the time. If i were to talk to my past self, i would have told myself to get all the college forms and payments ready early, and not to fear the future to come. If i had atleast i step in the door, i would be ready to overcome the rest of the journey with confidence and less fear.


First, I would tell myself not to worry about which schools I would be best for. Ultimately, you will find youself in the right place, wherever that might be. As long as you follow that indescribable curiosity and passion that we all possess as human beings you will find your way. I would tell my younger self that once you find yourself on campus, take a minute to soak it all in. While high school was spent blindly fumbling about to reach some idea of who you are, this is the time to define who that might be. Some things you want to be are gracious, kind and fearless in your pursuit of happiness and fullfillment. Every minute of every day from this point onward marks one less moment you will have in this life on this Earth. This isn't morbid, but a motivator to make every one of those minutes count, in any way they can. Stay focused, but don't forget to enjoy yourself. Whatever you do, don't be affraid. There's more than you'll ever be able to fully understand in the world and you're lucky enough to be a part of it.


CLARIFICATION: I graduated from UW Stout & attend CVTC - awaiting acceptance into Physical Therapy grad school. If I were able to give my high school self a chunk of wisdom, I'd tell myself to just relax and enjoy the ride. Life was tough enough before college. After losing a brother to cancer, college should be easy, just like everything else after that experience. Don't take school, life, work or people too seriously! Be self-disciplined, work hard and reach for goals and passions, but try to appreciate each experience along the way! It all goes by so very quickly, as we already know. Life can and does change in a heartbeat! So, give all you've got, but not to yourself. Give to others first! That is the key to life. Getting out of ourselves gives us opportunities and experiences that we wouldn't ever dream of otherwise! So, reach out to help someone, guide someone and love someone along the way! Their life will be enhanced, even changed, and yours will be, too! Be the life-changer for others. That is the guaranteed way to make the greatest, most rewarding life of all...even for yourself!!


I have taken so many wrong turns in my life that I have no clue as where to becane with my self at that age. Hmmmmm let me see.... i do not know what i could have said back then that whould have changed my thought of contining my schooling. I was a very "mixed" up person at that age.I would like to hope that I could walk up to my younger self look him dead in the eye, and tell him how much of a lost it would be for him not to continue his education for atleast four more years. Hope that he listens good.