Chowan University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag the most to my friends about Chowan is that the class sizes are small and that you can develope a very good relationship with your professors.


The people, activites, sports and art.


I do most of my bragging to all of my friends and family back at home in Wake Forest. I enjoy the people and the staff at Chowan University. My goal is to play football this spring. My professor are great and they take up a lot of time with each student so that they can succeed in class. I also like the food their sometimes. College life is the best. My school is very quiet and in a quiet neighborhood. The neighbors are supportive of the students. The merchants are ready to assis the students with jobs.


I brag mostly about the name because Chowan is not a common name.


About Rho Omega Psi, the new step team that I am currently on.


When I brag about my school, Chowan University, I tell people about the benefits of a small school. It is good to be at a place where everyone knows everyone. You know t hat people will have your back and you will never need anything as long as your friends have it. I tell people about the good teachers that can help you more in a small class size, and the beautiful landscaping of my campus.


That I have a good report with my professors and how little homework that I tend to have.


I brag about the types of friendships I have encountered with the adults of the area