Chowan University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing I consider about this school is that we live in the country. Students have to walk at least thirty minutes to go to family dollar, which is a very long walk. There are insufficient amounts of fastfood restaurants in this town besides Mcdonalds and Andy's. If I want to go visit Walmart, then I would have to travel to Franklin, Virginia to go there. There are also no malls or other stores for students to visit to shop for clothes and shoes. The cafeteria food on the weekends is horrible like the food is always cold.


The worse thing about my school would have to be the cost of tutition. It cost approximately 25,000 dollars to live on campus a year. The tuition is pretty steap. Sometime i dont know how i am going to come up with the amount of money i need to go to school.


I dislike that some classes are too big, with some students not taking the course seriously by talking, texting, and just being rude.


The worst thing about Chowan University is that it cost almost an arm and a leg for tution. I believe that is the main reason why Chowan lacks in students.


Chowan is a small university and you must make an effort to reach out on campus and into the community for involvement. The dorms are not in good condition, although I did work with camps and conferences in painting them one summer. You must depend upon your inner resources to seek your unique circle of friends and plan activities with them. Being involved in sports, admissions, as a peer mentor, a library assistant, and a resident dorm advisor broadened my interaction with students, teachers, staff, and the community.