Chowan University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone is going to be focused on their work, who wants to better themselves as a person as well as an upcoming worker. If you want to further your education, learn in small classrooms, work with well rounded teacher, and meet new people of different culture then this school is right for you.


One that has a thirst for knowledge. Chowan is in a small quiet rural town. The town of Murfreesboro is made up of caring and kind people. The person that should come to Chowan should want to acquire a great education, also if you are not ready to handle "Big City" life then this is just the place for you.


I'd say that people who are okay living and thriving within a small community should attend Chowan. Students who are ready to jump into college life and academics will do well at this school.


Any individual wanting not only an academic experience but also a test of maturity should attend Chowan University. The roster of students is small, around a thousand and this allows for personal time in the classroom as well as the opportunity to know as many people as possible. Anyone looking for true, life-long friends to bond and grow with, should attend Chowan U.


Someone who is able to express themself religiously. Not afraid or ashame of any disabilty or difficulty. Can think outside of the box.