Chowan University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing I consider about Chowan University is that it's in a quite location, the reason why I said that is because I don't have to worry about loud noises when I'm in class or studying for any kind of test or quiz.


How dedicated instuctors are to enhance students learning.


Great University. I have not attended classes Yet. I have met with advisors and several faculty members as well as students. What I like best about this school is they don't meet strangers. Everone has a welcoming smile and a kind word. Your professors appear to want to educate you as well as make you feel at home. The Chowan University family has a very diverse academic program that makes learning a priority.


I believe the best thing about my school is that it was built on Christian values. Bible study is held in diffrent halls three times a week and we also have prayer in the park. This helps me to keep my faith in my future while staying true to my Chrisitan beliefs.


I think that the best thing about Chowan is the close-knit community that surrounds and supports the school Despite being located in a small town, there is an incredible amount of pride held by the town. They really rally around the student body. There are also a lot of student clubs and organizations ranging from arts to science and religious. There truely is a place for everyone to get plugged in.


Although our school is rather small, the close connections you make are worth more than any finacial aid could ever give.


The best thing about school is the size. Chowan is small in number. This is a plus for classes because one is able to interact with their professor.