Christian Brothers University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Christian Brothers University is a challenging university with professors that are willing to help students reach thier academic goals.


Christian Brothers University has sixteen to twenty kids per class.


My school is a real Academic School!


Christian Brothers University is a diverse, Lasallian, educational instititutional designed to help students become dignified, intelligent, and creative individuals that will develop a mindset for helping the community, acquiring as much knowledge as possible, achieving short-term and long-term career goals, and developing good social, academic, and ethical skills.


Christian Brothers University is a school dedicated to quality education for all in a safe, comfortable, affordable community based on Laisallian tradition.


Christian Brothers University is a highly diverse and highly active campus with significant student involvement, notable faculty encouragement, and healthy student/administrative relations.


Christian Brothers University is a small, diverse college that challenges students academically and teaches them life lessons in order to help prepare for life after college.


CBU expects you to do yourbest while in the classroom and out.


A labor intensive learning enviroment that offers the cutting edge of technology and real world training.


Christian Brothers University is a diverse campus with many different oppurtunities for students to get involved in social activities, sports, and make great friends, while still being able to work towards an excellent education.