Christian Brothers University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for the education the students receive. We were ranked as one of the best schools in the South, and I do not see that ever changing. Christian Brothers is also known for its smaller campus and classes, which makes learning a bit easier because the students have the professors' undivided attention when in need of help, unlike most other schools.


Christian Brothers University is best known for its hich academic curriculum and it's diversity.


My school is best know for there math and sciences


It is best known for teaching students how to work hard and stay focused on a future career, while meeting new people. It is also known for its Catholic traditions and small-campus vibe.


My school are best know for small class. Teachers are very helpful.


My school is best known as being a science based school. It is thought as being one of the best schools for engineering in TN. I believe graduating from this school will help you get into the graduate school you want to get in to.


My school is best know for its name in the South. The school is a great school but it is very expensive and the name is worth alot but not as much as they charge. Other state schools are larger, less expensive and there engineering programs are just as nice. The name is what it is really known for.