Christian Brothers University Top Questions

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Christian Brothers University operates with Lasallian principles. The professors at CBU strive to bring respect for individuals, inclusion, service, and faith into the classroom. Students discuss these values and, in the Education department, these values are instilled in us so that we may approach our own teaching with these in mind. A CBU education is not simply a matter of attending class, completing assignments, and earning a piece of paper; it is changing the way you view the world and the people in it from a perspective that is embracing of all people.


I believe that the unique thing about my school is that it is a Christian school. The faculty hear want students to get an education, as well as a great religious study. It is also unique because it is a small campus. The classes are not to far apart to talk and the professors know you by name.


Christian Brothers University is unique compared to other schools because it holds a higher standard of excellence for its students. The university has a plethora of notable distinctions, including the following: named one of the Best Southeastern Colleges by The Princeton Review (2010) and ranked 19th for Master's Universities (South, 2010) by U.S. News. Another aspect that makes Christian Brothers unique is the diversity of its students. It's ranked 3rd for Economic Diversity Among Top-Ranked Schools: Master's Universities (South, 2010) and ranked 7th for Racial Diversity: Master's Universities (South, 2010) by U.S. News.


This school is a closer-knit community that is focused on achievement and success for all.


There is a real sense of community. everyone if nice and friendly to one another. it is really laid back, ans is an easy place to make friends. we have a lot of historical buildings. the fauclty and staff are always there to help you, and they really make you feel important. it is a great place to be everyday. its hard to have a bad day at Christain Brothers.